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He wandered down the deserted street
There was no-one around for him to meet
The clouds were gathering across the moon
The Witching Hour would be here soon
He pulled his collar up around his neck
He glanced behind him just to check
Hands in his pockets he looked around
Wary of that menacing sound
He knew the lady dressed in white
Only appeared at this time of night

She may appear and look quite pretty
Even looking for some pity
Behind the face she shows you
She is evil through and through
She will use her womanly charms
Locking you in her rotting arms
Capturing you in a deadly spell
Putting you to sleep with her noxious smell
Sucking out your every breath
As she gives her kiss of death

If she sees you she'll draw you in
You could resist but she will win
Her hollow eyes her screeching voice
Petrified you'll have no choice
Standing rooted to the ground
Her next victim she has found
She'll gather round your frozen frame
To capture your soul is her aim
Once she has you in her grasp
Your last breath you will gasp


She shuffled along the pavement so hot
Her matted hair tied up in a knot
She had holes in her shoes and a torn dress
Battered and bruised she looked in a mess
Stopping at a corner where stray cats slept
What I saw next I could have wept
She took from her bag a plastic cup
And a bottle of water to fill it up
Out came some biscuits for the cats to eat
Under a tree out of the heat
One by one they came over to dine
With this old lady with a curve in her spine
As she settled down for the night
On a piece of cardboard she started to write
Please give generously to help me feed
These creatures of God who are in need
She was old with possibly nowhere to live
But what she had she was willing to give
So I gave her a pound or two
I felt it was the least I could do
Walking further along the road
I came across another cat’s abode
I was moved by this touching scene
It was somewhere else she had been
Every night that I went out
I saw Cat Lady out and about
Making sure the cats were watered and fed
Before she lay down on a makeshift bed


Have I passed to the other side
Or have I stepped in a ghost train ride
Hideous faces with bulging eyes
Maggots crawling out from their thighs
Ghosts and demons and other things
Dragons and vampires flapping their wings
People appear from a wall not a door
Walk on the ceiling float down to the floor
Dressed in clothes from centuries past
Or look like they are a zombies film cast
moaning and wailing blood curdling screams
That beautiful lady is not all she seems
Look very carefully her hand is a claw
Ready to hook you around your jaw
Try not to listen to her angelic voice
When she lures you in you'll have no choice
Get out while you can keep them out of your head
If you let them in you'll soon be dead


We were just teens didn't always behave
We were adventurous and we were brave
One sunny day we got on our bike
On an adventure far would we hike
We packed some stuff into our rucksacks
Ready to go with a tent on our backs
Pedalling away to cover  the miles
Sometimes we grimaced but full of smiles
Tired and hungry we found a good spot
To pitch our tent and eat what we'd brought
As time went by stories we told
Neither admitting to feeling the cold
Each of us trying to outdo the other
Tales of danger we told one another
Then I decided to show the fear that I lack
By saying I would sleep on the railway track
I took myself off laid my head on the line
I would hear if a train came, I'd be just fine
I fell fast asleep in the dead of the night
Thinking I'd wake up when it got light
Hours passed by I jumped up with a start
A train trundled past me, near stopped my heart
I hadn't heard it coming no sound had it made
I could have died there where I laid
What woke me up I really can't say
I only know I was protected that day
I'm still alive to tell you this tale
The lesson I learned, don't sleep on a rail


She stands in the room
A confused look on her face
She can't understand
Why she's in this place

She's dressed in her best
She doesn't know why
Was I going somewhere
Then she starts to cry

She sees a man
He's looking her way
But can he see her
It is hard to say

He is holding a camera
Pointing in her direction
He clicks the button
Hoping for detection

She tries to touch him
But he keeps out of reach
She tries to ask him
But can't find her speech

Can you help me
She says in her head
I can't find the way
Now that I'm dead


We spoke about ospreys and deer in the wild
How for September it was still fairly mild
Bidding farewell we went our separate way
To continue on with our day

I wandered deeper into the wood
Being careful where I stood
It was quite dark with no direct light
I almost forgot that it wasn't night

Ahead of me was a burst of sunshine
Which shone down upon a little shrine
There were statues, poems, ashes and flowers
A card telling the story of a young man's last hours

He died in action in World War Two
Now lying in peace in a place he knew
I was touched, in a spiritual way
How the sun shone down on where he lay

When all around was gloomy and dark
These brilliant rays his grave did mark


When I was a child many years ago
I stayed with a friend one night
We slept in a room with beds for four
But we woke with a terrible fright

In a corner on a shelf
was a musical bird in a cage
This mechanical bird had been mute
For a long time, even an age

But this night it came to life
An eerie light making it glow
We all sat up looking its way
Why we were transfixed I don't know

But for some reason in the small hours
This little bird started to sing
We leapt from our beds, stood in a huddle
When this bird then lifted its wing

It turned its head to where we stood
Opened its beak and let out a trill
Its beady eyes staring at us
Sent down our spines a chill

Needless to say we ran from the room
Waking her mum and dad
The very next day they threw out that bird
Sensing it's intentions were bad

Had we freed ourselves from the source
We discovered later we had not
For from their piano a tune was played
The player of whom never sought

To this day I still think of this night
If someone was playing a prank
Although if they did how was it done
The answers I find are a blank


We worked together surveying the Antarctic
Where natural infrasound can drive you mad
Sound waves beamed to change your mood
This practice is truly bad

I was a Meteorologist Surveyor
Working in the extreme cold
My colleague who was a Radio Operator
Feared his sanity was starting to unfold

He worked for shifts of 24 hours
Listening through headphones intensely
Monotone voices driving him nuts
He needed human company immensely

The howling wind driving him crazy
He was finding it hard to talk
Feeling he was losing his mind
He decided to go for a walk

In the 48 hours prior to this
We witnessed unusual noises from high
Deep rumbling sounds from a distance
And bright lights illuminating the sky

I was asked to explain the reason
For these mysterious lights and sound
I studied and searched as best I could
But no feasible answer was to be found

The operator walked into the distance
His footsteps were all that were on show
He kept on walking in a straight line
Not in a circle, as if lost in the snow

With concern the alarm was raised
We followed the footsteps left behind
Until they came to an abrupt stop
No body could we find

In blinding snow and storm-force winds
Rescue vehicles and search teams tried
But all the tracks being covered forever
The assumption was he had died

Red flags were used on the search
To mark where rescuers had been
After five hours exhausted and spent
They turned back with the man never seen

A court of enquiry using facts and figures
Couldn't explain the why, what or where
We may never fully understand
Why the man disappeared into thin air


I'd like to introduce you to my best buddies
Ginger, Percy and Benny
Two of them are fuddy duddies
But I'd give them my last penny

Percy is a timid cat
But loves to have people around
He likes for us to sit and chat
It really is profound
I've made him up a warm comfy bed
Made up in a crate
This is placed inside a shed
He really thinks it's great

Then there is ginger with saucer eyes
He reminds me of a lion so grand
When in danger his eyes double in size
He knows how to make a stand
He was aloof when we did meet
But now he likes me near
He even follows me down the street
He trusts me with no fear

Then there is Benny the younger of all
He's so clever, brave and tough
But he's not as big or as tall
But he really knows his stuff
He will think before he acts
He won't just jump right in
He seems to be assessing all the facts
So he won't lose but win

These three cats mean the world to me
In their very own special way
They bring me joy and make me happy
Every single day


Mirror mirror who do you see
Is it him or is it me
As I look upon my face
All I see is an empty space
Searching for any imperfection
Why can I not see my own reflection
I turn away towards the room
With a feeling of impending doom
Why have I just disappeared
I was dead is what I feared
Behind my back I was unaware
That my reflection had stayed there
I took a photo with my phone
Just to prove I was alone
But there I was bold as brass
Looking out the looking glass
Making the hush-hush sign
Sending shivers down my spine
Is it me behind this frame
Or does this person have a name
Is it real or in my mind
Is it evil or is it kind
Has time stood still or raced ahead
Am I going off my head


You could buy me chocolates
You could buy me flowers
But what means more
Is when we talk for hours

You could buy me presents
The gift of my choice
But all I'd want
Is to hear your voice

You could buy me clothes
That suit my style
But what I'd like
Is to see you smile

If you were happy
I would be too
Money can't buy
A better gift than you


I was driving on a lochside road
A car coming towards me up ahead
It was swerving all over the place
I thought that's it I'm dead
My heart and mind were racing
As rapidly this car neared
But then before my very eyes
The car just disappeared
With gasping breath
And heart pounding in my ears
I brought my car to a halt
Got out to face my fears

I went to where the car might be
I looked everywhere around
No tyre marks or twisted metal
The car was nowhere to be found
I got back in the driving seat
Where was the car that swerved
I turned the radio on inside
Then the news I heard
A couple were killed at this very spot
A year ago today
If anyone saw the crash
Please come forward and say


I see pictures in my head
Pictures of me and you
But these dreams would be dead
If you can't see them too

I see us sitting side by side
Smiling and talking together
In these pictures we can't hide
How much we enjoy our blether

I see us going for a walk
Under the stars so bright
Sometimes quiet sometimes we talk
I just know it feels so right

I hope you can see what I can see
That I'm not there alone
That you are walking there with me
So my dreams are not my own


We were born in a corporate dungeon
Where people are cheated by lies
We sit there in the dark
A child of the whispering skies

Fearful is our name
Too scared to show our style
Risky unashamed
To put our love on trial

We need to feel our heart is real
But there is sadness in our eye
People fall apart all the time
We're hit enough to know why

Career, acquire, consume
But what is life without a heart
There's standing room only
Somebody tell the truth from the start

Proceed at your own risk
If you're brave enough to care
There is no dress rehearsal
Do you have a heart to share


Autumn leaves spread across the pavement
Like a carpet of rusty brown
Ice particles glistening on them
As the sun comes shining down

The cold dry air around your face
Turning cheeks and noses red
Pull your scarf around your neck
As cosy as being in bed

Put your hands inside your pockets
Or put them in a glove
Dry crisp days like this one
Are days I truly love


What do you do when you hit rock bottom
Everything you had has gone
You have no money to buy any food
The only clothes are the ones you have on
You find yourself out on the street
You no longer have a roof over your head
Looking for shelter wherever you can
The pavement now is your bed
All the friends you thought you had
Are nowhere near to be found
They turn their backs not wanting to know
No longer wanting you around
Some people offering you food in exchange
Using your loss as their gain
To satisfy their sexual desires
Not caring if they leave you in pain
People avoid you like the plague
Assuming you're drunk or on drugs
Covering their noses in case you smell
Not touching you in case you have bugs
What do you do when your luck runs out
And you find you have nowhere to go
With luck you will never find out
Hopefully you need never know


Friends are good, friends are kind
But true friends are hard to find
If you find one you are blessed
Hold them close to your chest
Friends come in different shapes and sizes
But are there when the need arises
Friends are there to give advice
When things are hard and not very nice
Will pick you up when you are blue
Someone you want to do the same for too
But what makes one stand out from the rest
Who is special not just the best
They're in your thoughts every day
Make you feel a certain way
Enter your dreams on many a night
When life feels dark they make it light
Someone you want to stand at your side
Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside
What causes this growing affection
Is it all down to the connection
Causing two hearts to grow quite fond
Coming together in a special bond


The porcelain doll with cold glass eyes
Rosy cheeks and cherry lips
Skin so white never seen the sun
Fingers long and slender to the tips
She sits in a corner of the room
Looking elegant on her very own chair
Dressed so fine in a victorian dress
Ribbons and ringlets in her hair
Her hands placed neatly on her lap
Sitting perfectly straight in her seat
A hairline crack across one cheek
With delicate shoes upon her feet
She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Yet as I walk by her I feel a chill
I swear her eyes are watching me
Ready to pounce, ready to kill