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He wandered down the deserted street
There was no-one around for him to meet
The clouds were gathering across the moon
The Witching Hour would be here soon
He pulled his collar up around his neck
He glanced behind him just to check
Hands in his pockets he looked around
Wary of that menacing sound
He knew the lady dressed in white
Only appeared at this time of night

She may appear and look quite pretty
Even looking for some pity
Behind the face she shows you
She is evil through and through
She will use her womanly charms
Locking you in her rotting arms
Capturing you in a deadly spell
Putting you to sleep with her noxious smell
Sucking out your every breath
As she gives her kiss of death

If she sees you she'll draw you in
You could resist but she will win
Her hollow eyes her screeching voice
Petrified you'll have no choice
Standing rooted to the ground
Her next victim she has found
She'll gather round your frozen frame
To capture your soul is her aim
Once she has you in her grasp
Your last breath you will gasp


She shuffled along the pavement so hot
Her matted hair tied up in a knot
She had holes in her shoes and a torn dress
Battered and bruised she looked in a mess
Stopping at a corner where stray cats slept
What I saw next I could have wept
She took from her bag a plastic cup
And a bottle of water to fill it up
Out came some biscuits for the cats to eat
Under a tree out of the heat
One by one they came over to dine
With this old lady with a curve in her spine
As she settled down for the night
On a piece of cardboard she started to write
Please give generously to help me feed
These creatures of God who are in need
She was old with possibly nowhere to live
But what she had she was willing to give
So I gave her a pound or two
I felt it was the least I could do
Walking further along the road
I came across another cat’s abode
I was moved by this touching scene
It was somewhere else she had been
Every night that I went out
I saw Cat Lady out and about
Making sure the cats were watered and fed
Before she lay down on a makeshift bed


Have I passed to the other side
Or have I stepped in a ghost train ride
Hideous faces with bulging eyes
Maggots crawling out from their thighs
Ghosts and demons and other things
Dragons and vampires flapping their wings
People appear from a wall not a door
Walk on the ceiling float down to the floor
Dressed in clothes from centuries past
Or look like they are a zombies film cast
moaning and wailing blood curdling screams
That beautiful lady is not all she seems
Look very carefully her hand is a claw
Ready to hook you around your jaw
Try not to listen to her angelic voice
When she lures you in you'll have no choice
Get out while you can keep them out of your head
If you let them in you'll soon be dead


We were just teens didn't always behave
We were adventurous and we were brave
One sunny day we got on our bike
On an adventure far would we hike
We packed some stuff into our rucksacks
Ready to go with a tent on our backs
Pedalling away to cover  the miles
Sometimes we grimaced but full of smiles
Tired and hungry we found a good spot
To pitch our tent and eat what we'd brought
As time went by stories we told
Neither admitting to feeling the cold
Each of us trying to outdo the other
Tales of danger we told one another
Then I decided to show the fear that I lack
By saying I would sleep on the railway track
I took myself off laid my head on the line
I would hear if a train came, I'd be just fine
I fell fast asleep in the dead of the night
Thinking I'd wake up when it got light
Hours passed by I jumped up with a start
A train trundled past me, near stopped my heart
I hadn't heard it coming no sound had it made
I could have died there where I laid
What woke me up I really can't say
I only know I was protected that day
I'm still alive to tell you this tale
The lesson I learned, don't sleep on a rail


She stands in the room
A confused look on her face
She can't understand
Why she's in this place

She's dressed in her best
She doesn't know why
Was I going somewhere
Then she starts to cry

She sees a man
He's looking her way
But can he see her
It is hard to say

He is holding a camera
Pointing in her direction
He clicks the button
Hoping for detection

She tries to touch him
But he keeps out of reach
She tries to ask him
But can't find her speech

Can you help me
She says in her head
I can't find the way
Now that I'm dead


We spoke about ospreys and deer in the wild
How for September it was still fairly mild
Bidding farewell we went our separate way
To continue on with our day

I wandered deeper into the wood
Being careful where I stood
It was quite dark with no direct light
I almost forgot that it wasn't night

Ahead of me was a burst of sunshine
Which shone down upon a little shrine
There were statues, poems, ashes and flowers
A card telling the story of a young man's last hours

He died in action in World War Two
Now lying in peace in a place he knew
I was touched, in a spiritual way
How the sun shone down on where he lay

When all around was gloomy and dark
These brilliant rays his grave did mark


When I was a child many years ago
I stayed with a friend one night
We slept in a room with beds for four
But we woke with a terrible fright

In a corner on a shelf
was a musical bird in a cage
This mechanical bird had been mute
For a long time, even an age

But this night it came to life
An eerie light making it glow
We all sat up looking its way
Why we were transfixed I don't know

But for some reason in the small hours
This little bird started to sing
We leapt from our beds, stood in a huddle
When this bird then lifted its wing

It turned its head to where we stood
Opened its beak and let out a trill
Its beady eyes staring at us
Sent down our spines a chill

Needless to say we ran from the room
Waking her mum and dad
The very next day they threw out that bird
Sensing it's intentions were bad

Had we freed ourselves from the source
We discovered later we had not
For from their piano a tune was played
The player of whom never sought

To this day I still think of this night
If someone was playing a prank
Although if they did how was it done
The answers I find are a blank


We worked together surveying the Antarctic
Where natural infrasound can drive you mad
Sound waves beamed to change your mood
This practice is truly bad

I was a Meteorologist Surveyor
Working in the extreme cold
My colleague who was a Radio Operator
Feared his sanity was starting to unfold

He worked for shifts of 24 hours
Listening through headphones intensely
Monotone voices driving him nuts
He needed human company immensely

The howling wind driving him crazy
He was finding it hard to talk
Feeling he was losing his mind
He decided to go for a walk

In the 48 hours prior to this
We witnessed unusual noises from high
Deep rumbling sounds from a distance
And bright lights illuminating the sky

I was asked to explain the reason
For these mysterious lights and sound
I studied and searched as best I could
But no feasible answer was to be found

The operator walked into the distance
His footsteps were all that were on show
He kept on walking in a straight line
Not in a circle, as if lost in the snow

With concern the alarm was raised
We followed the footsteps left behind
Until they came to an abrupt stop
No body could we find

In blinding snow and storm-force winds
Rescue vehicles and search teams tried
But all the tracks being covered forever
The assumption was he had died

Red flags were used on the search
To mark where rescuers had been
After five hours exhausted and spent
They turned back with the man never seen

A court of enquiry using facts and figures
Couldn't explain the why, what or where
We may never fully understand
Why the man disappeared into thin air


I'd like to introduce you to my best buddies
Ginger, Percy and Benny
Two of them are fuddy duddies
But I'd give them my last penny

Percy is a timid cat
But loves to have people around
He likes for us to sit and chat
It really is profound
I've made him up a warm comfy bed
Made up in a crate
This is placed inside a shed
He really thinks it's great

Then there is ginger with saucer eyes
He reminds me of a lion so grand
When in danger his eyes double in size
He knows how to make a stand
He was aloof when we did meet
But now he likes me near
He even follows me down the street
He trusts me with no fear

Then there is Benny the younger of all
He's so clever, brave and tough
But he's not as big or as tall
But he really knows his stuff
He will think before he acts
He won't just jump right in
He seems to be assessing all the facts
So he won't lose but win

These three cats mean the world to me
In their very own special way
They bring me joy and make me happy
Every single day


Mirror mirror who do you see
Is it him or is it me
As I look upon my face
All I see is an empty space
Searching for any imperfection
Why can I not see my own reflection
I turn away towards the room
With a feeling of impending doom
Why have I just disappeared
I was dead is what I feared
Behind my back I was unaware
That my reflection had stayed there
I took a photo with my phone
Just to prove I was alone
But there I was bold as brass
Looking out the looking glass
Making the hush-hush sign
Sending shivers down my spine
Is it me behind this frame
Or does this person have a name
Is it real or in my mind
Is it evil or is it kind
Has time stood still or raced ahead
Am I going off my head


You could buy me chocolates
You could buy me flowers
But what means more
Is when we talk for hours

You could buy me presents
The gift of my choice
But all I'd want
Is to hear your voice

You could buy me clothes
That suit my style
But what I'd like
Is to see you smile

If you were happy
I would be too
Money can't buy
A better gift than you


I was driving on a lochside road
A car coming towards me up ahead
It was swerving all over the place
I thought that's it I'm dead
My heart and mind were racing
As rapidly this car neared
But then before my very eyes
The car just disappeared
With gasping breath
And heart pounding in my ears
I brought my car to a halt
Got out to face my fears

I went to where the car might be
I looked everywhere around
No tyre marks or twisted metal
The car was nowhere to be found
I got back in the driving seat
Where was the car that swerved
I turned the radio on inside
Then the news I heard
A couple were killed at this very spot
A year ago today
If anyone saw the crash
Please come forward and say


I see pictures in my head
Pictures of me and you
But these dreams would be dead
If you can't see them too

I see us sitting side by side
Smiling and talking together
In these pictures we can't hide
How much we enjoy our blether

I see us going for a walk
Under the stars so bright
Sometimes quiet sometimes we talk
I just know it feels so right

I hope you can see what I can see
That I'm not there alone
That you are walking there with me
So my dreams are not my own


We were born in a corporate dungeon
Where people are cheated by lies
We sit there in the dark
A child of the whispering skies

Fearful is our name
Too scared to show our style
Risky unashamed
To put our love on trial

We need to feel our heart is real
But there is sadness in our eye
People fall apart all the time
We're hit enough to know why

Career, acquire, consume
But what is life without a heart
There's standing room only
Somebody tell the truth from the start

Proceed at your own risk
If you're brave enough to care
There is no dress rehearsal
Do you have a heart to share


Autumn leaves spread across the pavement
Like a carpet of rusty brown
Ice particles glistening on them
As the sun comes shining down

The cold dry air around your face
Turning cheeks and noses red
Pull your scarf around your neck
As cosy as being in bed

Put your hands inside your pockets
Or put them in a glove
Dry crisp days like this one
Are days I truly love


What do you do when you hit rock bottom
Everything you had has gone
You have no money to buy any food
The only clothes are the ones you have on
You find yourself out on the street
You no longer have a roof over your head
Looking for shelter wherever you can
The pavement now is your bed
All the friends you thought you had
Are nowhere near to be found
They turn their backs not wanting to know
No longer wanting you around
Some people offering you food in exchange
Using your loss as their gain
To satisfy their sexual desires
Not caring if they leave you in pain
People avoid you like the plague
Assuming you're drunk or on drugs
Covering their noses in case you smell
Not touching you in case you have bugs
What do you do when your luck runs out
And you find you have nowhere to go
With luck you will never find out
Hopefully you need never know


Friends are good, friends are kind
But true friends are hard to find
If you find one you are blessed
Hold them close to your chest
Friends come in different shapes and sizes
But are there when the need arises
Friends are there to give advice
When things are hard and not very nice
Will pick you up when you are blue
Someone you want to do the same for too
But what makes one stand out from the rest
Who is special not just the best
They're in your thoughts every day
Make you feel a certain way
Enter your dreams on many a night
When life feels dark they make it light
Someone you want to stand at your side
Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside
What causes this growing affection
Is it all down to the connection
Causing two hearts to grow quite fond
Coming together in a special bond


The porcelain doll with cold glass eyes
Rosy cheeks and cherry lips
Skin so white never seen the sun
Fingers long and slender to the tips
She sits in a corner of the room
Looking elegant on her very own chair
Dressed so fine in a victorian dress
Ribbons and ringlets in her hair
Her hands placed neatly on her lap
Sitting perfectly straight in her seat
A hairline crack across one cheek
With delicate shoes upon her feet
She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Yet as I walk by her I feel a chill
I swear her eyes are watching me
Ready to pounce, ready to kill


As I was walking in the wood
Stumbling through the trees
I felt something pull my hood
I fell down in my knees
Mud and needles from a pine
Made the landing soft
But something cold ran down my spine
Beside me someone coughed
I slowly turned my head to the side
From where the cough had come
The fear I felt I could not hide
My limbs were turning numb
I could not move from where I knelt
Nor could I make a sound
A tightness round my throat I felt
My heart it started to pound
I felt the trickle down my leg
As I lost control of my bladder
For my life I started to beg
But whatever it was got madder
It grabbed my hair hard on my head
Pulling it backwards towards the ground
I realised I could be dead
If I made another sound
In my head I uttered a prayer
For this thing to set me free
I was lifted in the air
And thrown against a tree
I lay motionless in a heap
Trying to get my breath
Praying the lord my soul to keep
As I feared I was facing death
I felt the sun shine on my back
I could feel its welcome heat
Recovered now from my attack
I got back on my feet
What it was that had attacked me
I don't really want to know
I didn't wait for me to see
I knew I had to go
My prayers had kept me safe and sound
I'm grateful I was spared
In that moment I had found
That someone really cared


Riding along on a quiet country road
On my motor bike my joy and pride
Dressed in leathers and my helmet on
Out for an enjoyable ride
At the side of the road I notice a figure
A woman dressed all in white
She stared at me with hollow eyes
She was a hypnotising sight
I started to slow down as I approached
Not knowing if I should drive past
Do I keep driving not saying a word
Should I get away from here pretty fast
Or do I say would you like a lift
Climb on board and hold on tight
As I take her off on my gallant steed
It could make an interesting night
There was something luring me in
Yes she had that haunting look
Was this woman all that she seemed
Or was she a dangerous spook


I dreamt I was looking at you eye to eye
What I saw made me want to cry
I saw a look of pain so deep
Distrust and hurt inside did creep
I tried to send you a loving look
Give you back something others took
I wanted to touch your face with my hand
Trying so hard to understand
I wanted to give you a gentle kiss
To show you kindness that you miss
As tears started to trickle down my face
I wanted to take you to a special place
Out of the dark into the light
Letting you know all was alright
I offered you my hand to hold
To lead you to shelter from the cold
Hoping you would trust in me
Wishing I could set you free


A vulnerable cat living on the street
Feeding on water and scraps of meat
Fed to him by a kind old man
Who gives whatever when he can
The old man a street musician by day
To earn some pennies his flute does play
The orphan girl neglected and sad
Fostered by a woman who treats her bad
To escape unkind words and drunken brawls
To the streets she timidly crawls
Out of mind, out of sight
The welfare are blind of her plight
The little girl makes friends with the cat
At the side of the old man they both sat
They all understand and protect each other
Looking out for one another
But one day the girl gets kicked to the ground
By some thugs who throw her around
Laughing and joking at this game
They turn to the man and make him lame
As they threaten to kill the cat
She grabs the cat from where it sat
Wearing no shoes only socks
She runs away to a telephone box
There she hides shaking with fear
Praying the thugs are nowhere near
She picks up the phone to ask for aid
But cannot call as the box needs paid
She desperately pleads in her mind
That some help she could find
Send her the courage and the strength
To stand up to these thugs at any length
They picked on an old man, a girl and a cat
Surely the thugs can't get away with that


It was a cold winters day
When I went on my way
To a Secret Loch in the middle of nowhere
At the end of track I parked my car
I would walk the rest, not very far
To take photos of the beautiful landscape

I trudged along in powdery snow
Being so deep my progress was slow
Not a soul did I pass on my way
After two miles I came to the spot
The Secret Loch which I had sought
Frozen over as far as I could see

A beautiful sight I did behold
Huddled together to beat the cold
Was a bevy of majestic swans
I tested the ice against my weight
Keen to move forward before it was too late
To capture on film this picture

Step by step with camera in hand
I cautiously moved from solid land
Keeping these birds in my view
All of a sudden I heard a crack
It was too late I couldn't head back
I was plunged into the freezing water

I was here on my own
With no mobile phone
What was I to do now
My body quickly turning to ice
My boots like concrete not very nice
I felt trapped in this frozen grave

My gloves and woollen hat were lost
My designer specs turning to frost
One boot had left me too
I calculated two minutes or so
Feeling in my limbs would start to go
In around five my whole body would be numb

After fifteen minutes I'd slip away
Dead or unconscious who could say
I needed to get out of there fast
How I got out is another story to tell
But I escaped this frozen cell
And was spared to live another day

I made it back to my car at last
Cutting off my clothes pretty fast
Before they froze upon my skin
To this day I still shiver in fear
Remembering how my demise came so near
Appreciating more now to be alive

As for my camera this was saved
I have the photos I so craved
This memory captured on film
You cannot glean
From this picturesque scene
The taste of death upon it


I broke with my girl
My head's in a whirl
Drowning my sorrows
Like there are no tomorrows
My mate spent his money
And thinking it funny
To spike my drink
How low can he sink
I couldn't understand why
How hard I did try
To work my legs and mouth
I kept heading south
I needed fresh air
To blow through my hair
Got myself up from the floor
To head for the door
But as I drew near
I felt the fear
I look like a dummy
As the contents left my tummy
Security men not very happy
Threw me out pretty snappy
Lying face down in the street
I scrambled back up on my feet
Too numb to feel pain
I stumbled down a lane
Fell with a thud
Into some mud
Hours went by not sure how long
My mind and body didn't belong
I heard people say look at that
But stepping over me like a doormat
Eventually I got up and started to roam
Realising I couldn't find my way home
A well dressed gent saw me as prey
Said he would help if I went his way
Through the fog in my head
I sensed I could be dead
It was the way he said 'we'
Was what somehow alerted me
I said thank you but no
Then started to go
He was not very pleased
This opportunity not seized
But I think I had been saved
From the game he played
I walked on some more
Until I found a locked door
Where I curled up tight
To sleep for the night
I awoke after an hour or two
Standing up, wondering what to do
Feeling a bit worse for wear
I looked for a taxi to take my fare
I gave the cabby an address
I didn't have much money I must confess
I found myself at the door of my mate
Trying to explain why I was late
They looked at the mess of my clothes
Covered in mud from head to toes
They sent me off to have a bath
Before we sat down to have a laugh
Although today I can have a giggle
I also squirm and also wriggle
For I know how I escaped
From a killer or being raped


I was on the prowl looking for a ghost
An abandoned waiting room I heard them boast
Was no longer needed at the station
Cast aside for a newer creation
I thought this room may be a perfect place
For me to capture a ghostly face
Armed with my camera ready to click
I stood at the door it's lock to pick
I gave a push and was pleasantly shocked
The door gave way or wasn't locked

The room was covered in cobwebs and dust
Metal clasps turning to rust
A smell of perfume and stale tobacco hung in the air
Cobwebs clinging to my neck and hair
I started to feel a sense of dread
As I encountered those who were dead
A clock on the wall stopped minutes to twelve
A paraffin lamp sat on a shelf
I searched my pocket for a match
Hoping the paraffin would still catch
I gave a whoop of sheer delight
As the room filled with the grateful light

The fireplace empty with no roaring fire
I sat on a bench beginning to tire
I laid out my sleeping bag to make a bed
Needing to rest my weary head
The lamp was ideal for my task
For better lighting I could not ask
It was giving out a ghostly light
Perfect if visited through the night
As the hours passed I heard high pitched voices
Sounding like people making choices
In dialects I did not know
Sounding like people from years ago

After a few hours I thought this is a bore
So got up off the bench to go and explore
I found on the wall an ancient phone
To my surprise with a dialing tone
I held it up against my ear
What I heard filled me with fear
To hear such noises of this kind
I thought maybe I was losing my mind
I put the phone back on the wall
As I did it started to call
It had a bell like sort of ring
It kept going tring-a-ling
The phone ringing gave me a fright
I sensed that something just wasn't right
I turned swiftly to leave the room
Fearing my impending doom
I tried the handle of this exit door
But it was locked not open any more

I heard a voice deep and loud
Booming out above the crowd
But as I was alone who could it be
I blew out the lamp so they couldn't see me
I stood as quietly as I could
Shaking slightly where I stood
I heard someone walking on the platform outside
I looked to see where I could hide
Past the window went a shadowy figure
Getting closer and getting bigger

I heard a rattle at the door
My feet were rooted to the floor
To my relief he was on a tour
Just to check the door was secure
I heard his footsteps in the distance
I felt safe in this instance
Panic over my breath I did catch
I tried once more to lift the latch
Had it slipped or been locked
So my exit would be blocked
To this day I cannot say
I only know I got away


I booked into a hotel for a few weeks
It was in the country for quietness one seeks
The middle aged owners were a bit odd
And had various rules for their little pod
When I arrived with a transistor in tow
They scowled at me as if to say no
I stood in the reception which smelt quite musty
The desk where we stood was rather dusty
They handed me a pen of the fountain kind
Insisting that my name I signed
I flipped some pages to have a look
At other signatures in the book
But I found there were no others there
Every page was completely bare
It would appear I was their only guest
This would put my courage to test
I was shown to the room I was to stay
"If you want some heat you must say
You must not light the paraffin heater alone
You must ask Mr Halstead" they said monotone
I was feeling increasingly uneasy
And in fact feeling quite queazy
I went for dinner which they served through a hatch
They never entered the room their attention I couldn't catch
Then a woman with a withered face
Lifted the tray and walked to my space
She handed me my tray of food
Her piercing blue eyes showed a sad mood
During this strange and eerie stay
Nothing changed from day to day
Maybe one day I will tell you more
Of things that happened behind that closed door


When the night comes
what can it bring
Love and romance
Or something frightening
Wrapped up in the arms
Of someone you love
Or unknown beings
Floating above
Look at the stars
Shining and bright
The silver moon
Such a beautiful sight
But when the clouds
Block out the glow
What lurks around
You may never know
When you are with someone
Being held in their arms
You can feel safe
With their lucky charms
But when you're alone
With no-one to hold
The darkness engulfs
Turning you cold
You hear every sound
Filling you with dread
You hold your breath
Sensing the dead
When making love
You don't want night to end
Though in bed on your own
Morning is your friend
when the night comes
How do you feel
Excited and happy
Or cold as steel


The wind was whipping up the dregs
Howling and battering around my legs
Not being fussy in its selection
Coming at you from every direction
Icy cold oh my golly
Really not worth putting up your brolly
As for sure without a doubt
It would only be turned inside out
Best to gather your hood round your face
A losing battle with every pace
Rain seeping through your jacket or coat
Those in a car looking out to gloat
This was a day I should have said
Bugger that I'm staying in bed!


I was a child amongst lots of legs
Trying to peer between pairs of kegs
Listening to the songs and chants
An almighty roar, nearly wetting my pants
I couldn't see them score a goal
I felt like digging myself in a hole
Glad when the final whistle blew
Not even knowing if they won or drew

Many years later I went back to a game
The noise of the crowd sounding the same
Now as an adult grown quite tall
I could see them kick the ball
I must confess there is no doubt
Now I can see what the fuss is about
The tension inside building up
Will our team go home with the cup

30 CV

Some are coughing others sneezing
Some are fine others wheezing
People wary of every sign
Keep your germs and I'll keep mine
On the train you need to stand
Do I balance or put out my hand
Who has touched this rail before
Does it carry the virus any more
Hold the rail as you climb the stair
But then again be aware
You could pick up a bug in disguise
Now you've touched better sanitise
If you've none then water and soap
Both of these seem to cope
But the message is loud and clear
Keep your distance don't get too near


I want this girl
The red haired beauty
To get to know her
Is my duty
In her white jeans
Her legs so long
In my arms
She could belong
Her slender waist
Her hugging top
But on her face
My eyes do stop
I stand before her
Look in her eyes
Thinking how
I could win this prize
My mind is racing
Should I take the chance
To ask this girl
If she wanted to dance
I open my mouth
You are so pretty
I'd like to take you
Dancing in the city


It was a cold crisp winter's night
Snow had fallen all around
It was such a beautiful sight
Steps in virgin snow an eerie sound
The sky was full of twinkling stars
Trees creaked from heavy snow
Ice was solid on the cars
The moon a hypnotic glow
Earlier that day a path had been made
By the resident of this abode
For a safe passage
From their door down to the road
The house looked deceivingly welcoming
Warm lighting from the windows did shine
A wanderer was wondering if they'd let him in
To share their food and wine
He made his way along the path
Walking cautiously as he went
Cold and hungry needing warmth
His money had been spent
He knocked timidly on the door
Would they let him in
What he saw approaching
Stood the hairs up on his skin
It wasn't human that he could tell
He wanted to turn and run
But his feet seemed nailed to the ground
He wished he had a gun
The door was slowly opening
'come in' said the menacing voice
His body was moving forward
Not giving his mind a choice
He stepped inside the hallway
The smell of death was in the air
He felt the breath being sucked away
He was thrown into a chair
They say your life flashes before you
As you take your final breath
But he'll never be able to tell you
What it was like meeting Mr Death


The sky was heavy with an indigo hue
Should I carry on cycling, what should I do?
Pedalling along the quiet canal pathway
With my thoughts starting to stray
Everything was so peaceful and still
An ice cold beer I'm sure I could kill
With this idea planted on my mind
I'd pedal on until a pub I could find
My legs started turning a little quicker
Testing the strength of my ticker
I looked ahead there was nothing in sight
I started feeling something wasn't quite right
My eyes were looking from right to left
All my courage now bereft
As I approached a bridge overhead
I was filled with a terrible dread
Out from nowhere appeared a strange dude
He just stood there no face just a hood
His feet were planted hip distant apart
I could feel the quickening of my heart
His hands just dangled at his side
Now my fear I could not hide
Standing there like Mr death
I was running out of breath
It was too late to turn and flee
From what he had in mind for me


It's just me and my rabbit
My little trusting friend
It's become a bit of a habit
On me he does depend

He came to me one rainy day
Looking for some food
I couldn't turn this bunny away
His longing I understood

I took him back to my humble home
Made him up a bed
He knew he didn't need to roam
He could stay with me instead

He looked at me with a cautious eye
I have him a pat and a smile
Got him some straw on which to lie
He'd be happy and warm in a while

Over the days he became a mate
We go for walks together
I will stay with him till quite late
Protect him from the weather

I give him plenty of water
And tasty food to eat
Cool him down when it gets hotter
Keeping him out the heat

When winter comes with ice and snow
I give him shelter from the cold
He is content for he does know
I will keep him in my hold

My heart is bursting every day
When I walk towards his hutch
His sparkling eyes look my way
I adore him oh so much


If only we could turn back time
If only we had understood
The damage we were causing
Destroying things of good

Bringing chemicals into play
Making things unclean
We should have made an effort
To keep our country green

Built upon our lovely parks
We knocked down many trees
Just so we could pave the way
For offices and factories

We chased away our wildlife
They had nowhere to hide
Demolishing all their homes
For our roads on which to ride

We poison our bodies with such things
As drugs, cigarettes and booze
Radiation and asbestos too
So many from which to choose

We inject our children to keep them safe
Or at least we think we do
It is something we are told
We trust that this is true

Now we have reached the stage
Of staying a safe distance apart
Maybe we could try again
But where on earth do we start


Will we see blue skies after the rain
Once the dark clouds float away
Feel the warmth of the sun once again
Maybe we will one day

Will we be allowed to meet with a friend
To visit our families once more
When will this lockdown come to an end
When can we open our door

Will we be able to earn some cash
To put some food on the table
Having spent our secret stash
I wonder when we'll be able

Will we be free to go for a drink
Or go somewhere nice for a meal
This situation is beginning to stink
It's starting to be a big deal

Will we be able to get our hair cut
Or coloured to cover the grey
I have a mop on top of my nut
I'm trying to hide it away

Will we see children back on the swings
Footballers back on the pitch
We took for granted so many things
Now we can't scratch when we itch

I hope to see you soon my friend
And give you a hug so great
That is something I fully intend
Oh goodness I just can't wait


At this time of uncertainty and confusion
Living a life of exclusion
Wondering if we can mix again
Constantly asking where and when
Taking the time for reflecting
On the life we are now rejecting
How we are missing oh so much
Fun and laughter and human touch
No more meeting in the pubs
Or attending various clubs
No more going out for a meal
With people you can tell how you feel
No planning holidays or weekends away
Or nice long walks on a sunny day
Putting dreams you had on hold
Waiting for the day we are told
That we can venture back outside
When we no longer need to hide
Will we remember how to hug
Or will that have been taken by this bug
Will we still be allowed a lovers embrace
Or do we still need to keep a safe space
We took for granted so many things
Now we don't know what life brings


Can you see the girl in the mirror
She only comes out at night
You could be subjected to such terror
If you catch her in your sight
She is pretty with long blond hair
Her eyes like saucers big and wide
Look deep inside them if you dare
Then you'll have nowhere to hide
She keeps her hand behind her back
As she fixes her gaze on you
With the cleaver she will attack
If you allow her to
She gives a smile so appealing
Don't get caught in her gravity pull
You may be left without any feeling
If she stabs you with this tool


Come and take the risk with me
Take a step into the unknown
For we may never get to see
Things we're never shown
Do you trust to take my hand
To look me in the eye
We don't always understand
And won't know until we try
Will you open your locked door
Let me come inside
Don't leave me standing anymore
Let's go on a mystery ride
Let me settle your troubled mind
Rub your aching head
Maybe together we could find
Somewhere calm and peaceful instead
Wont you walk with me my dear
I don't want to walk alone
Help me to combat my fear
As I leave my comfort zone


Summer winter autumn or spring
Every season is a wonderful thing
Daffodils rise up with their yellow bonnets
The inspiration for poems and sonnets
Baby lambs bouncing by their mum
In the springtime along they come
Easter eggs and an April shower
As we gain an extra hour
Heading into the summer days
Shades and lotion keeping out the rays
Gardens filled with flowers so bright
They are such a beautiful sight
Butterflies and honey bees
Hayfever sufferers starting to sneeze
A walk in the park with ice creams
Hand in hand with the girl of your dreams
As the days start to shorten
Very soon we're into autumn
The leaves turning colour in the trees
Falling softly with every breeze
Turning pavements brown, orange and gold
The air is now starting to feel a bit cold
Halloween and bonfire night
Rockets fired to a great height
Then we come to Winter time
Mistletoe and pantomime
Snowflakes falling to the ground
Christmas trees all around
Making angels in the snow
With the cold your cheeks do glow
No matter what is your favourite season
Every each one has a reason
For us to thank the lord above
For every season is a season of love


Murdo Mac the cheeky chap
He knew how to make a bob or two
American tourists would stand and clap
A wealthy crowd he drew
He stood so splendid in traditional wear
In his bunnet, Jacket and kilt
How the ladies would stand and stare
Their interest in him he built
With his ghilli brogues and woolen socks
His sporren intriguing them so
They gathered round him in their flocks
On his bagpipes he started to blow
Puffing steadily into the bag
His arm pumping out the air
Never letting his lungs to flag
He played the pipes with flair
He wowed the ladies with his attire
The pipes wailing loud and clear
They threw enough money for him to retire
When he stopped they gave a cheer
Ladies swooned trying to catch his eye
Falling for him on the spot
They wanted to be the one for this guy
As a husband he was sought
Some lucky ladies soon found out
What is worn under a kilt by a scot
Some did wonder and did doubt
Until they found out it was not a lot
It is believed he married one
Or maybe two or three
With their money he had some fun
As he practiced in bigamy


I was walking along the riverbank
Watching where I stood
I felt a dampness in the air
So I gathered up my hood
The river was shrouded by a mist
That gave an eerie feel
Through the haze I saw a horse
I wondered if it was real
No rider perched on its back
It was standing oh so still
This black beauty looked so grand
It gave me quite a thrill
I was being drawn towards it
I wondered from where it came
I felt a strange connection
To this horse that had no name


In these days of stress and worry
Take your time no need for hurry
I sit in the silence of my flat
With no-one here to have a chat
I try to clear my mind of rubbish
With the help of Hamish the fish
As I watch him swim around
In his tank not making a sound
His golden scales glisten and shine
His tail and fins delicate and fine
Performing his version of a fan dance
Like the moulin rouge in Paris, France
His little mouth blowing bubbles
Its way to forget all your troubles
A welcome form of release
Taking a moment for calm and peace


Standing looking out to sea
A storm was brewing in front of me
Poseidon's white horses leaping higher
The sun on the horizon was on fire
My eyes looked at their manes of white
Then lifting up to the golden light
Wind was whipping up the sand
Sky darkening above the golden band
The clouds were turning deep purple and black
When I heard an almighty crack
Fingers of light flashed across the sky
Some heading downwards some reaching high
Lightning bolts dancing with grace
The cloud formation like a face
Menacing clouds hiding the mouth and eyes
Ask no questions tell no lies
Nose and chin glowing bright
With the power of the electric light
Forks of lightning like a broken vein
Waterfalls of heavy rain
With the booming clap of thunder
There really isn't any wonder
That it's exciting yet a little frightening
When you encounter thunder and lightning


The world is turning crazy mad
What we see is truly sad
Months of being locked inside
As this virus hits worldwide
Wash your hands wear a mask
Do as you're told just don't ask
Businesses folding jobs being lost
How much is this all going to cost
Loneliness for some taking a hold
Stay away from anyone old
Vulnerable and weak you must shield
Or your fate will certainly be sealed
Domestic abuse on the rise
Little can hear their desperate cries
Children no longer going to school
Not seeing their friends oh so cruel
No pubs or restaurants to frequent
No money being made to pay the rent
No hotels open to stay the night
Not allowed to get on a flight
Patience surely being tested
With the money and time being invested
Tempers flaring running high
After they watch a black man die
Take to the streets to demonstrate
Feel the venom sense the hate
Black lives matter hear them shout
Social distancing is in doubt
Statues toppled taken down
As they march around the town
All lives matter I would say
Why are people behaving this way
As the lockdown starts to ease
People flock to Bournemouth seas
Packed on the beach like sardines
My eyes could hardly believe the scenes
Rave parties taking place in the street
Parks and beaches mobbed in the heat
Have people forgotten what we've been through
What it was we had to do
Then in town a man runs amok
Stabbing people what a shock
Things are turning really bad
The world is turning crazy mad


Follow the rainbow
Follow your dreams
When you lose light
It's not as dark as it seems
Open your eyes
To the colours so bright
Bringing you joy
With their radiant delight
Red to orange
Then yellow and green
The blue and indigo
Fit for a queen
This perfect arc
Ending with a violet band
Standing majestic
Looking so grand
Some look for gold
Flowing out of a pot
Wanting a bit more
Than they've already got
If I follow the rainbow
To find my treasure
Will you be at the end
To give me such pleasure
A perfect find
At a rainbows end
A dream come true
A precious friend


I walked up the path shrouded by trees
Nerves making me wobbly about the knees
The sun was covered by a dark eerie cloud
The howling wind getting quite loud
I was approaching the House as part of a bet
I wish I wasn't I started to fret
I'd heard many stories about this place
So had an idea what I was about to face
I looked up at the large wooden door
My stomach was knotted to my very core
Two concrete gargoils flanking each side
I looked around for somewhere to hide
I had been told there is a large rusty key
Hidden in the roots of a large yew tree
I fumbled around to find my way in
Goosebumps forming across my skin
I took the key within my grasp
My breathing was quick and starting to rasp
Sliding the key inside the lock
I felt for my knife I hid in my sock
I slowly pushed open the creaky door
Something flew past me I nearly swore
I stepped inside full of fear
There was no turning back now I was here
The door slammed shut behind my back
A sliver of light shone through a crack
I reached in my pocket for my lamplight
My hands still shaking from my fright
I made my way to the main room
Where many were said to meet their doom
The air had changed I could feel the chill
The smell of death made me feel ill
I could hear a deep sounding growl
Then I heard a blood curling howl
I felt something push me from behind
Or was something playing with my mind
Someone whispered in my ear
"you better run, hurry my dear"
I didn't argue I took their advice
I didn't wait to be told twice
Somehow I managed to work my feet
The evil spirit I didn't want to meet
I acted fast to get out of there
But as I ran something grabbed my hair
I tried to escape from their tight hold
The air around me freezing cold
Then I heard a whooshing sound
As I was dropped heavily to the ground
I took that moment to get up and flee
Not knowing who had saved me


Sitting at my dining table
Which at present is my working station
Its the best I can able
In this situation
My room was needing some fresh air
So I opened my windows wide
I felt I wanted this feeling to share
As I listened to life outside
First of all wood pigeons cooing
As they sit amongst the trees
Cars in the distance as they are going and to'ing
Leaves rustling in the breeze
Then I heard a wonderful sound
Children out to play
In a nearby school playground
Their joyful voices travelling my way
At times it was good having peaceful bliss
But it really was quite sad
All the school days they did miss
Now they are back parents must be glad
Children grow up rather fast
Don't steal their carefree years
I hope they can put this in their past
And not be left with too many fears
The sounds of them having fun
Reassured me most were fine
Enjoying being with everyone
It was an encouraging sign


Bonnie Scotland such a beautiful place
As long as you can shield your body and face
From pesky midgies that nip away
No matter what the time of day
They don't particularly like the wind when strong
Near stagnant water they belong
They love the smell of blood and sweat
You may hide but they'll get you yet
Avon's skin so soft you could try
In the hope they pass you by
Or purchase yourself some lavender oil
The smell of this makes them recoil
You could wear a midgie hood
But the look isn't so good
So if walking and camping outdoors
Be prepared to carry these sores
As you are a walking feast
For this tiny but ferocious beast


He was sitting having his coffee and toast
When something floated by, he thinks a ghost
He felt a tingle down his spine
A touch to his face ever so fine
There was a coldness in the air
A gentle breeze rustled his hair
He was poised in mid bite
When this ghost appeared in his sight
She was a vision to behold
Your attention she did hold
The look in her eyes almost pleading
She held out her hands, which were bleeding
She looked like she was trying to speak
But was too frail and too weak
Her golden hair framing her face
She was elegant and full of grace
Her translucent dress tattered and torn
Gave her a look so forlorn
He wanted to help, he wasn't afraid
He wanted to know about this fair maid
He placed his toast down on his plate
He had to act fast before too late
"What is your story? who are you?
Is there anything I can do?"
She placed her hand over her womb
Then pointed her finger across the room
He stood up to follow her gaze
He started walking but in a haze
There he spotted a mark on the floor
He'd never seen this mark before
He got down to take a look
When things around him rattled and shook
Something was telling him to lift the board
On which this mark was deliberately scored
He put his fingers inside the groove
And slowly but surely it started to move
It came away with relative ease
A cloud of dust making him wheeze
What he saw made his skin crawl
In this space was a baby's shawl
He reached down to lift it out
What it was he had no doubt
He gently held it out for the mother
So mother and child could be with each other
The look she gave him was utter delight
As mother and child headed towards the heavenly light


In this world of doom and gloom
Look at the beauty of flowers in bloom
Take a moment to smell the air
Feel the wind in your hair
As the sun shines on your face
Just slow down to a leisurely pace
Listen to the birds in the trees
Close your eyes if you please
As the sun sets in the sky
Clear your mind from asking why
We have gone from season to season
Trying to understand the reason
2020 has been a tough year
Many days we shed a tear
Relying on calls from family and friends
To keep you going until this ends
When the days seem too long
The beauty of nature can keep you strong
Think about things that make you smile
People who make life seem worthwhile
Send them a hug or two to share
Let them know how much you care
They may need to keep in touch
A virtual hug could mean so much


I looked in the mirror the other day
What looked back it's hard to say
There was a face full of sorrow
Eyes were dark looking hollow
Skin so pale deathly white
It was such a pitiful sight
It parted its lips, looked around
From behind came an eerie sound
The reflection looked very afraid
The lights around me started to fade
A shudder flowed over me like a wave
As if someone walked over my grave
There was a chill in the air
But at the mirror I continued to stare
I was fighting the hold it had
I knew right then that this was bad
I had to break the spell on me
If I wanted to be set free
I felt something grab my arm
I knew that this would do me harm
It tried so hard to pull me in
Trying to get inside my skin
I gathered all the strength I could find
To turn away and look behind
As I did I heard a clatter
In little pieces the mirror did shatter
As I cleared up all the glass
I realised I was a lucky lass
For if I'd turned away too late
I would surely have met my fate


Welcome to my laboratory
Come and be my study
Yes I know it looks like home
But you can't see anybody
Just pretend you're having fun
We'll keep it all informal
While I carry out my tests
Just carry on with the new normal
Do not hug, do not kiss
Don't meet with family and friends
Don't go to work or anywhere
Until my experiment ends
Wear a mask, stay apart, sanitise at will
If you mix with other folk
This virus will surely kill
Don't send your children off to school
Teach them on your own
Stick them in front of telly
Or to play games on your phone
No you can't visit your elderly parent
Can't look them in the eye
Or hold their hand reassuringly
Or be with them while they die
I'm doing this for the best
Trust me as I say
We're in this together
Each and every day


I wonder if he'd notice
If I laid down on his bed
If I snuggled close enough
Lay down my weary head
If I rest my body next to his
To feel safe and secure
Wriggle underneath his hand
His loving touch so pure
To feel his rhythmic breathing
As he lies in a deep sleep
Would he even notice
If under his covers I creep
Ill try to move so gently
Not tickle him with my fur
I hope I don't disturb him
When I begin to purr
Ill curl myself up in a ball
As I dream of this and that
I think that I'm so lucky
To be his pussy cat


As I was passing my window the other night
I looked outside to an adorable sight
My two little buddies sitting there
Up at my window they did stare
Looking as cute as ever could be
Almost willing for me to see
Looking so peaceful and ever so still
Seeing them there was such a thrill
My heart started melting there and then
They could soften the hardest of men
I looked at them, full of pride
The emotion I felt I could not hide
I'll keep this picture of them in my mind
Moments like these are hard to find


Who is this mysterious lady in red
I can't get the picture of her out my head
She keeps popping up in places I go
Who is this lady I want to know

Is she my guardian angel or my lucky charm
Following my tracks to keep me from harm
Is she there by chance or by fate
Entering my world as my sole mate

Sometimes I see her sometimes I don't
Maybe I'll approach but maybe I won't
I'll continue my journey in my little blue car
Admiring this lady from afar

She rides her bike with elegance and grace
Enjoying life at a steady pace
If you want to know how this story ends
Keep on reading about me and my friends


He made his way down to the loch
For a refreshing morning dip
Laid his belongings on a rock
Before into the water he did slip
But before he took a dive
He saw someone in distress
They were fighting to stay alive
He should help them out this mess
He was a swimmer, fast and strong
So he swam out to this maiden
But he realised something was wrong
When his limbs became quite laden
He tried to grab on to this lass
Then noticed something weird
She stared at him with eyes of glass
His own safety he now feared
He tried to keep himself afloat
Fixed within her steely stare
Her claw like hands around his throat
He was struggling to take in air
He realised then she had no legs
Only the body of a snake
She wrapped herself around his pegs
His body started to shake
Up around his torso she wrapped
Held him in a vice
He was well and truly trapped
He'd thrown his last dice
This snake like creature dragged him down
To the waters murky depth
Held him there to slowly drown
Took him to his death


Crying through the night
Waiting for the silver lighting to turn to gold
Hoping that the clouds aren't hiding rain

Nowhere left to go
For every one now disappoints me
But still the ghost of love haunts me to this day

I could fly away
Over a river of tears
But I think I'll stay
To face all my troubles and fears

Crying through the night
Weeping like a silver fountain
Praying on a holy mountain that it won't rain

I could say goodbye
And follow the Sun and the Moon
But my heart's in your hand
As we walk across this broken land


There's some things in life
You sometimes do miss
Someone to cuddle
Someone to kiss
Someone who'll listen
When you need to talk
Who'll be at your side
When you go for a walk
Who takes your hand
Gently in theirs
Puts an arm round you
To show that she cares
Puts a smile on your face
When you're feeling low
The touch of her hands
Making you glow
Knows all your strengths
And all your fears
Knows when you need her
To dry up your tears
Will give you a look
To say you are the one
With a glint in her eye
Saying let's have some fun
As I lie in my bed
Thinking about you
I send you a hug
To see the night through


He walked past an abandoned house
Heard a squeak, thought it was a mouse
Saw a little girl sitting there
In a pretty red coat and golden hair

On the steps leading to the door
She bowed her head and cried some more
He looked around for her mum or dad
Wondering why she was so sad

There was nobody else around
Her crying was a pitiful sound
Walking tentatively towards this child
Careful not to send her wild

He asked her gently in a caring tone
Why she was sitting there on her own
She raised her head to look his way
Her eyes were hollow her skin was gray

She opened her mouth as if to speak
But all he heard was a piercing squeak
Her tiny hand reached out to him
What he saw was rather grim

The touch she had was as cold as ice
Then she gripped him in a vice
He tried to free his hand from hers
She opened her mouth and started to curse

Words that shocked him to the core
As she dragged him towards the door
He fought and struggled to break free
But she shrieked "you belong to me"

"When we get to the other side
You will take me as your bride"
He was never again to be seen
He disappeared one Halloween


It is Christmas, a time of comfort and joy
Celebrating the birth, of a special boy
Oh holy holy, silent night
But something on Earth isn't quite right

We sit in our homes, around the tree
A gift for you, a gift for me
The look of excitement in children's eyes
After Santa has left the skies

Wrapping paper everywhere
Games to play, clothes to wear
Turkey cooking, smelling good
Thank you Lord for this good food

But remember those, going without
Every day, living in doubt
Unable to provide a wholesome meal
Homes so cold they cannot feel

Some are lucky, with a roof over their head
Others, a pavement, is their bed
Hoping for amazing Grace
To take them to a better place

Then we have the joys of COVID 19
And all its variants that can't be seen
Making life a living hell
Dividing people, oh so well

Have you signed up to NHS protect?
Have you allowed, them to inject
Your booster and your two vaccs
Are you covered, to the max

Have you done a lateral flow
Before you visit I need to know
Before you come in, I must ask
That you cover your face with a mask

In this season of goodwill
I am feeling a certain chill
How people are turning against others
Friends, colleagues, sisters and brothers

If not vaccined, you are unclean
You don't deserve to be seen
Left to die all on your own
Kept within a no-go zone

Our whole world has gone insane
Was His death all in vain
Jesus Christ must be feeling sad
To see all good, turning bad

What right have we to say, others are wrong
Not letting them sing, their own song
What makes you sure you are right?
Why are we all wanting to fight?

Is it too late to amend our way
Respect what each other has to say
Let everyone have a voice
Allow us all, our right of choice

This self-destruction really must end
We should do our best to mend
Open our eyes to what is being done
Don't let the devil see he's won


All I want is a taste of romance
Won't someone please ask me to dance
Hold out your hand, lead the way
Onto the dance-floor together we'll sway

If you show me the way that it goes
I promise not to stand on your toes
Won't someone please ask me to dance
To give me a taste of sweet romance


She saw the pain etched in his eyes
Woke at night on hearing his cries
Took him in her arms to hold
He was shivering, not from the cold
She spoke to him in a gentle tone
Trying to get him to a better zone
The fear he felt he tried to hide
As his sobs started to subside
"Talk to me" she simply said
As she kissed the top of his head
"Tell me love what scares you so
Can I help I want to know"

He laid his heavy head to rest
Softly cushioned on her breast
Her skin so soft and warm to touch
She gave him hope on which to clutch
He couldn't tell her of his fear
Of the demons that come too near
As they lay there on the bed
How he is visited by the dead
Gathering around him in a threatening pose
Petrified from head to toes
They try to take him in the night
He works hard to win the fight

He feels safe with her loving care
Feeling her fingers through his hair
He runs a finger down her cheek
While her lips his mouth does seek
He felt the warmness of her breath
Keeping him away from death
Her kisses give him the strength he needs
To weaken the fear on which evil feeds
Love conquers all, some will say
Guiding darkness on its way
He pulls her close and holds her tight
He'll be safe for another night.


I was sitting just wondering
what the answer would be
So I asked the question
"Coffee, tea or me?"

You stopped what you were doing
And said to me "my dear
What a silly question
The answer is quite clear"

"I shouldn't have to tell you
Can't you hear it in my voice
Every time I speak to you
My dear there is no choice"

"So now I've reassured you
How much your mean to me
Go and put the kettle on
And we'll have a cup of tea!"


She was getting ready for our evening
We were going out on a date
I kept looking at the time
Not wanting to be late

She made her way precariously
On heels to the bottom stair
Stopped to look in the mirror
To fix her flyaway hair

Taking out her lippy
She dabbed it on her lips
Then she gave a little wriggle
Soothing her dress out over her hips

She turned and looked quite worried
I awaited the question with dread
"Does my bum look big in this?"
I had to be careful what I said

"Babe you look amazing
You know that I love you
Your bum will always be that size
No matter what you do"

I don't really know what hit me
Her handbag or her shoe
But she got me square in the eye
Turning it black and blue

I don't understand women
I don't understand their way
Why do they ask the question
I should think about what I say


I was on a family holiday
With my sisters, mum and dad
They allowed me to take a pal
I was just a little lad

As we were sitting in the kitchen
Waiting to eat our meal
My sister she went flying
I gave an agonised squeal

My sister was carrying boiling water
Inside a rather large urn
The water flew up in the air
Then took a downward turn

Down it came like a tidal wave
Heading in my direction
There was nothing I could do
As it made its cruel selection

The skin around my groin
Melting to my pants
I was screaming out in pain
As a did a tribal dance

My family thought I was joking
Acting like a clown
Told me to behave myself
And sit myself back down

Many months in hospital
Tending to my burns
With no family visiting
Nurses spoke to me in turns

I was soon to go back home
This thought filled me with dread
Started thinking of different ways
That would keep me in this bed

If I jumped out the window
I could break a bone or two
They would need to keep me here
Nothing else they could do

The day arrived to head back home
Leaving a place where I felt safe
No more care and affection
Back to being a waif