David McLarnon left school at 17. His first Job was as a shop assistant at a Glasgow grocery shop (for 6 months); next was 4 years as an industrial electrician in Paisley working for Balfour Kilpatrick, then 18 years as a Government Scientist employed by the Ministry of Defence, based in the Moray Firth, but working at various High-Security locations around the UK; then 5 years as a CCTV system designer and Area Sales Manager for the ADT global corporate and also a prestigious Perth-based firm. During this time he also ran his own town-centre retail shop (for 7 years), and also various mail-order businesses involving digital imaging, printing, publishing and graphics.

Later in life, David gained diplomas in Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Communication & Behavioural Science, Statistics, and Human Geography to complement his “hard-science” qualifications in the areas of Electricity and Atmospheric Physics.

He enjoys Scottish landscape photography but is mainly a writer, publisher, product and location photographer, traditional representative painter, and abstract digital artist. David has had articles and photographs of the Western Isles published in Practical Photography, the UK's biggest-selling photographic magazine, and also illustrated papers in Weather Magazine, a scientific journal published by the Met Office. He also was overall winner of the Moray Open Photographic competition with a picture of Cooper Park, Elgin, and was featured in the Press & Journal.

His interests include: cycling and wild-camping (he once did a 1000-mile tour around remote parts of Scotland on a bicycle, camping out every night), occasional Munro-bagging (e.g. Ben Hope, Lochnagar), motorbikes (owned 12 big and expensive ones, including a BMW K100), cats (owned 6, one left), rabbits (currently owns a Dutch Dwarf), photography (he’s a proud owner of an Olympus OM10 film-camera), music (mainly 60s,70s and 80s) and geopolitical research (he has extensively written in this area). David has published a dystopian series of books entitled The AGENDA (parts 1 to 4) and a science fiction novel "The Gettier Problem" and also publishes three magazines, "The NOW" (a red-coloured news magazine), "The NOW" (blue-coloured, and a satirical version of the red magazine) "Omni 21" (science and philosophy) and a newspaper "Modern Times". David has also written hundreds of factual articles on a diverse range of subjects (such as Global Warming) and several hundred fictional short stories which are all available in booklet format. He has recently completed a screenplay (April 2018) called “Uninvited Guest” - a play set in a remote country-house. This has been well-received by the critics. In May 2018 David finished two science fiction short stories: one called “Tuesday Girl” set in 2075, and the other entitled “Fate” set in the 1950s.

Recent happy customers include: Huntly Fabrics, Cluny Auctions Buckie, Nu-Gems Aberdeen, Loch Ness Upholstery, Harbour Treasures Lossiemouth, Braemar Mountain Sports, Aviemore Beauty.


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