Writings Background

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(David McLarnon - 13th August 2019}

Work for me is graphic design, photography and printing. In my spare time I study the Human Condition and Globalisation; in particular: geo-politically, scientifically, philosophically and spiritually.

As well as running my Printing, Publishing, Design and Photography business I also write short Ghost stories, short and long Science Fiction stories, and Guides and Articles on a diverse range of subjects, including: Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Electricity, Meteorology, Political Philosophy, Art, Selling and Negotiation, Motor-biking, Cycling, Cats, Mathematics, Astronomy and Cosmology. These are all subjects that I am either qualified in, or have quite a bit of experience of. I also write self-help course material if you wish to learn more about critical thinking and positive life-skills.

I am a BIG fan of TV detective programmes like Columbo, for example, and have written short analyses of these type of programmes as a way of getting to understand just how they are structured.

I occasionally try my hand at poetry.

In December 2013 I published the first edition of a magazine called: Omni 21. It contains articles, observations, and commentary on global politics, philosophy, psychology, mainstream science, and alternative explanations of the world we live in. In January 2014 I published a 700-page novel The Gettier Problem. I have also recently published a dystopian trilogy of books entitled The AGENDA.

We publish "The NOW" (a red-coloured news magazine), and "The NOW" (a blue-coloured, satirical version of the red magazine) and a newspaper "Modern Times".

This year we have completed a screenplay (April 2018) called “Uninvited Guest” - a play set in a remote country-house. This has been well-received by the critics. In May 2018 we finished two science fiction short stories: one called “Tuesday Girl” set in 2075, and the other entitled “Fate” set in the 1950s.

All pictures and stories are original work by David McLarnon and covered by copyright 2018.

Here are some recent comments and feedback from those who have read extractions of my written work.


Do you know who was Gustavo A dolfo Becquer? He wrote Rhymes and legends. Your writing is very very similar.

“What a wonderful story it was a joy to read and yes it did give an insight into what is important. Very refreshing.”

“Your writing is amazing, you have really put some effort in there”

“What a super interesting story ....very rare! Please make it continued perhaps..?”

“Now THAT'S a story, and a half! A lot of information there, and I'm not going to pretend I've digested it all...may take a couple of read throughs... read it again...and it is even better now!”

“It was a very interesting read, not to mention insight!”

“I find your writing intriguing and sensual. I also like how highly intelligent you are and your relaxed writing style made reading your story very easy. I look forward to reading another story”

“Your writing is very honest down to earth and beautiful”

“Wow I'm impressed! You can write and express yourself very well.”

“I'm intrigued and would like to know more. I'm a fairly well educated and intelligent. I want to know more please.”


“I am really interested in the spiritual and delve into anything. I like all metaphysical things and read and listen to tapes and I read tarot. There are lots off things that I want to know about, just not got enough time.”

“Very interesting. I especially like the cats & ghost stories. I was brought up on ghost stories and have had some interesting encounters. Ghost stories are my favourite topic. All very interesting.”

“I certainly cannot put myself across as well as you do.”

“You have put a lot of thought and effort into your writing”

"Credit where it's due. Amazing!"

“Have to say I loved reading your story, very unique. I thought I'd give you some well deserved feedback. You grabbed my attention!”

"Wow! What to say in response to your story? I liked a lot of what I read [truthfully]."

“Your stories about cats and rabbits interested me and I love your photography”

“I read your story and found it interesting I love art and am artistic myself”

“very interesting story...it must have taken a lot of time to write…I do enjoy a good read…you describe the small town mentality exactly as it is”

"Your writing is interesting refreshing and intriguing!"

“You appear to be super confident in your awareness? Come to the dark side? I can train you, all is not lost”

“What a very interesting person with an extremely diverse train of thought. I have lots in common with your thoughts.”

“Very interesting reading and in depth. I read it one line at a time. Nice paintings too.”

“Your romantic story was like reading a lovely book. I'm just saying it how I see it :) Reading it made me smile. you come across really well. Thank you.”

“Wow stayed with your story to the end and got it”

“Great story, it's what I'd love to write but can never find the right words to describe things in the way you do”

“Your writing is quite profound”

"Just being honest your words are very inspiring"

“Great story, you could teach me so much or maybe remind me about life, just with your words”


“What a breath of fresh air! That's what I felt reading your stories. I am very interested.....you have made me curious. I think we are innately creative and social and imaginative and play helps us to move away from judgement and criticism, be present, co-operate and co-create”

“That is one hell of a story, what caught my attention was the love of cats. This is interesting to say the least.”

“I believe your ghost story because I've seen ghosts a few times myself although I was in someone's house and had to leave because I felt like I was being suffocated, it was only when I went outside that they said that it was haunted but they had never felt or seen anything.”

“Such lovely writing and beautiful paintings. You have very much laid yourself bare to the world!”

“The Peter Pan part of your story resonated with me because I felt it”

“I’m a feeling sort of person and your work touched me deeply”

“Sorry for not being clever enough to understand your ideas but loved your story - amazing”

“I am genuinely intrigued by what you say!”

"What a truly amazing piece of writing, most definitely heart felt and thought provoking to anyone who reads it"

"What a huge effort you have put in to your writing!"

"you sure have an interesting way of telling a story. Good work on the cat rescue front"

“Loved your story, it made me smile, laugh and awww - it would be good to read more…”

“I have read some of your scary stories and I would also like to see your art, again I am curious I have a high regard for talented people, possibly a wee bit of envy :-)”

“Having read a short story of yours I would like to read one of your books, I am curious, can you suggest one and tell me where I can buy one?”

“Now see I think that's interesting what you say. Are the hidden hands spiritual or physical?"


“Your writing is very interesting, intriguing even, particularly when you talk about alternate realities”

“hhmm re the ghosts, yes I believe you are right, everyone who is honest would admit that but I will give this scary stuff a miss and carry on in oblivious ignorance, probably safer :-)”

"Wow very deep, you have evidence to support this theory?"

“You certainly have a very good ways with words and a quicker mind than me”

"You can’t stop there! I was enjoying that story. I need to know more!"

"The photos on the site, which I assume are taken by yourself, are terrific. Your writing makes you sound like more than one person! You are certainly not one-dimensional in thought. I find this all very interesting."

“Wow what a story! You are an interesting man. I am a development manager for a charity, covering all of Scotland. I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to read a well thought out piece of work.”

"I enjoyed reading your little stories about your wild camping."

“I do love your final quote in The Darkness story … chilling. What could have happened to Willow the cat I wonder?”

“I think your writing must ring true for so many individuals and hope that many others read your books, I certainly relate to them”

"Wow! I am so impressed by your writing! I can't bare the mundane. The human condition is what I paint. The ideas you write about. I have a lot in common with your thinking."

“I so enjoyed reading your story about cats.”

“i loved reading your stories and you sound so informed”

“Your stories are very in-depth...made me laugh...I yearn for a very adventurous life too...and would like to travel on a motorbike”.

“Was nice to read your works. I enjoyed. I am from Trieste. Somehow you made my day! thank you”

“When you communicate it seems so real I have to pinch myself, thank you, I appreciate here in Austria”

“oh la la, thank you. this is very charming writing”

“I like the stories about the North and I find it interesting how someone can survive there ;-)”


“I can imagine, must be wonderful to stay one month without modern communication. I am in the online business... and already in a condition that 1 day without internet is nearly good for a suicide.”

“Your story sounds great for a tough guy.... but rather stressy for me ;-)”

“mamma mia! Shocking!”

“Is this lonely bike in the middle of nowhere yours?”

“I live in Italy but you make wonderful scotland make me want to go visit there”

“Your writing is very open and honest. I try to write but you put me to shame”

“Oh my goodness so impressed with your stories, you've put so much in to make them very interesting”

“Your stories sucked me in - I have to say - and then your photos totally got me - captivating”

“Reading your story was rather like a parachute jump. Terrifying as I didn’t know where I was being taken, where I would land!"

“I like to think I know my own mind but you write about the impossible. You certainly don’t follow the crowd”

“You do have a lot of strings to your bow - practically an orchestra's worth! Such a varied bundle of stories”

“I connect with your photos and writing”

“You are someone on my wave length, I'm always explaining your type of ideas to my daughters who are currently in full time education, about history, education, theories of attachment, a persons intelligence, Kids are in school 40 plus hours and are being trained not to think for themselves, imagine what sort of citizens we'd have if we used that time to teach them life skills and how to get on with each other!”

“Your writing is very deep”


“I agree with you that most folk don't realise they're being brainwashed daily. I'm glad you're conscious of all this”

“wow wow wow! hooked on your words! amazing! is it all for real?”

“you are brave adventurous and non-shallow”

“your stories are worth it :)”

“Wonderful original writing!”

“Where do you find the time? I fall into my bed exhausted at the end of most days. I would love to read more of your work”

“What a very diverse set of books on your list. It must be very interesting being you.”

“Do you tell your ghost stories underneath the street in the Royal mile?”

“I read your ghost stories with some interest - you are a very interesting man! In comparison, my writing will seem very dull, but do please have a look and see if you can help me improve it?”

“Well....having read every word of your Naked Truth booklet I have to say you sound like a "sorted " individual”

“I am a Middle East researcher turned marketing scientist (it got too dicey to do field-work during wars). I mostly did work for the UN and WHO, now work for an international market research firm as an analyst. Like you I am pretty interested in numbers too…do mostly quantitative analysis/statistics stuff. Your explanation of Fibonacci coding is fascinating”

“really enjoyed reading your book of stories and I have similar beliefs”

“Just browsing through your extensive works of surrealism. Enjoyed your prose but now I need a green tea”

“Wow....what a flippin story that is!!!! Read and thoroughly enjoyed it mind you though it IS a little terrifying”

“I particularly like your points about communication......I got an 'ology and can understand this”


“I was so intrigued by your story that three hours went by quickly and I completely missed dinner & hadn't even realised. It really has made me look at things in a different light”

“Amazing work! Unlike you, I am petrified to put my writing out there.. but the wee quote "feel the fear and do it anyway" comes to mind… Really need to thank you .. you have inspired me…”

“After reading you stories I have completely refocused and set a goal for the first time in a long time.. I feel very confident and I feel very alive…”

“I feel really fortunate and grateful to have read some of your stories. They touched and enhanced my life, thank you”

“I've just read your stories and it made me realise I need to do a lot more work on mine”

“I am naturally drawn to your writing”

“You are so much like Peter Green and John Martyn with your lyrical writing ... may you never lay your head down without a hand to hold…”

“Interesting website. I feel I know a little of what you write about”

“Your writing has to be the best I have read in a while. There is so much thought goes into to it and I admire someone who has a bit of depth and the ability to communicate their feelings on life. Do you write from experience or imagination?”

“I read some of your stories a couple of times...intrigued and possibly tad impressed with the content. Maybe I should think more”

“You seem to be a man who can explain his thoughts. Dont think most people wouldnt know where to begin. I like your art.”

“The Time Machine is one of my favourites books. You write a bit like H G Wells with your predictions about the world. It would be a frightening thought if these things could happen.”

“Yes I too believe cats have a telepathic capability.a sixth sense some might say. If yime is a human construction why are there are measurements in nature connected with the moons cycles .the tide.the seasons.bird migration and reproduction of many species which are governed by a natural rhythm.I wrote poem about time a while back that it isnt a real thing as we percieveon a clock. It can be seen on someones face as wrinkles.Even two people can be hdentical age but have more wrinkles than another.”

“Thats very interesting yes our brain cells die and if our memories were stored there they would be lost if that were the case.so memories would have to be stored elsewhere fascinating.The sixth sense yes ive heard of the morphic field. Theres certalnly more to our existance than just been made of flesh and blood.”

“I've just read your ghost story about the graveyard and it made me realise I need to do a lot more work on my own technique”

“You write like the shining.......I once re enacted the here's Johnny scene at work with disastrous results but I thought it was funny”

"Interesting and varied writing and you've been very candid which is admirable. What prompted you to write in this way?"


"Omg that's some story lol but very interesting"

“I have read your stories in depth, you appear to be very versatile in your creativity, with your pictures too”

“Must congratulate you on your stories. You are an interesting man. I'm being truthful”

“Gosh that's a lot of plates to be spinning! I can't imagine how you find the time!”

“Walking the west highland way last year was a great experience for me and I interested in your psychology”

“Shouldn’t you be writing about your own Utopia?”

“Wow your writing is all a bit high-brow! How do you fit all that in a day? Where do you exhibit your paintings?”

“Your writing is so interesting and would love to find out more about the subjects you study”

“Now that story was impressive!”

“I have a great interest in your information as I work in medical research. How do you know that for sure?”

"I had to look up dystopia. My daughter said it is about the Hunger Games. Is this true?"

“Good grief....terrifying forces...control...nightmares...? What is this all about?”

“Your writing reveals the truth of reality and it's not very pretty.”

“Your work is interesting. I will have to read about your dystopia and decide whether I am part of the problem or the solution. I suspect I am the enemy within the conspiracy.”

“Tremendous writing! You obviously have a gift. I envy writers and how they use language to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. I do this through a different creative form. I love to paint and draw, but know my limitations... and being commercially successful is not one of them. Nonetheless, I know I have a talent.”

“When I read your stories I get scared but find myself laughing!”


“You are very gifted and talented. I pale in your shadow.”

“You are a man who knows your own mind! Your writing made me smile...”

“The most entertaining writing I’ve ever read! A man with attitude...it would be great to have a chat with you about all these things...”

"What a lovely, warm style of writing you have"

“Hey that was the best novel ive read in ages. there isnt as many birds in the garden as there used to be, there must be a reason for this?”

"How long did it take to write your story about the Hooded Figure! Impressive I must say!"

“I liked your stories and v interested too that your into philosophy. I'm currently reading Orison Swett Marden. One of My fave's Ralph Waldo Emerson. Interesting too that your into Maths. What do you think about the solution to Fermat’s last Theorem?”

"Well, that was some story....You seem to have led an interesting life."

“Very interesting writing. I am inclined to believe your simple explanations”

“I do like your writing. So much of what you say resonates with me!”

“I love your intelligent writing. It connects with me”

“Hi reading your stories, it seems that we have the same mindset, I would you be interested in reading more”

“Your psychology course is so fascinating.”

“Tell me some more about the replication technology”


“Your work on the chemical makeup of stones is really interesting.”

“Wow! Had to look up some of those terms. You cover an interesting range of topics - looking forward to finding out more.”

“I am a professional librarian and have worked full time as such for 30 years. Your stories scare the hell out of me. Never read anything like it.”

“I like your paintings, they remind me of Matisse, Percy Kelly and Fred Williams.”

“Some people seem to have the knack of writing, but not me. Your stories are interesting. Maybe I need to listen more to Radio 4 plays. Would you like to read mine and tell me what you think?”

“I used to live in Edinburgh and so I believe you about the secret underground base and the island. Your are very creative”

“I like camping and I love sleeping outdoors, but now that I’ve read your stories about people disappearing in Wales I would be terrified to leave myself isolated and vulnerable”.

“Your stream-of-consciousness writing is overwhelming.”

“You are like a combination of Bryson and Dawkins. Amazing how you managed to craft John Martyn songs into the narrative.”

“I work as a journalist and once interviewed Richard Dawkins ....and I think what you say about evolution is right”

“I really like your stories, especially the ones about philosophy and psychology, and I have read some Dawkins.”

“I don't know a lot about the things you write about myself but I do enjoy intelligent writing once in a while. I am always interested to learn new things.”

“Your writing intrigued me by your range of subjects and jobs and just the bravery of it (in a good way). Going from philosophy and Kasparov to cats and Columbo is about as diverse as it gets :-) “


“Do you work for anyone other than the planet's citizens and their wellbeing?”

“The search for truth must keep you exceptionally busy.”

“Thank you for clueing me in to the truth. But I will still read the 'news' if that's ok. My eyes were pretty wide open to mainstream media as it goes”.

“I write occasional strategies and policies for Scottish Govt, Health Scotland etc but never fiction like you do. Be nice to try though...”

“Your point on news is correct of course but news isn't meant to be 'true', is it?”

"You frighten me with some of the things you reveal in your writing but you also make me laugh. You should be a stand up comedian."

“Wow! what a story, very impressed!.Wish I could write like that. You do have a great sense of humour and your stories make me laugh.”

“I laugh when I read your stories, even if you don't mean me to”

“Your writing excites me but they are far too intellectual for me maybe”

"As a lawyer I'm more aware of the power of language than most and what you are saying makes perfect sense"

“I am a professional Astrophysicist. Your points are fair about the introduction of the concepts of Dark Energy and Dark Matter merely to solve the otherwise unsolvable cosmological equations explaining the origins of our Universe as otherwise the numbers simply wouldn't add up. It is also true, like you say, that our Moon shouldn't be there and defies all scientific explanation, apart from “observational error.” I would appreciate that you don’t quote me on this however.”

“I did, really, enjoy reading your stories....thank you, for taking the time, to be honest, unique, and very fascinating (i wish to write but clearly, I need some tips !)”

“I looked at your site this evening and saw your photos and I read your stories with enormous interest. They were so full of meaning. I look forward to reading more.”

“I have read your stories. Do you think people are capable of thinking any more? Free thought seems to be extracted in the classroom at primary level and very few ever seem to regain the ability. We are so ready to toe the party line, swallow whatever rubbish is fed to us and not step outside the box for fear of becoming the next target. I agree with you 100% and this is one of the reasons I home educate.”


“Ah I see, so we are talking Monsanto, Rockafellar (sp) et all? Something everyone should be aware of really. My degree (following music) is in microbiology and biotechnology and the way the big US pharmas control what is and is not available is an absolute disgrace!”

“I agree that the school system is dumbing down our kids. They are taught a narrow curriculum and taught to pass exams not to gain knowledge or understanding like you say. I have had experience of most systems available in Edinburgh from Steiner (very scary in it's own right), LA secondary (pure indoctrination and cramming facts into empty vessels and GWC (best of a restricted bunch but not available to all by any means).”

“Yes! The very fact that I passed my university statistics exams with a score of 98% is proof in itself that exams are no indication of what you are capable of as a human being. I tried to give my eldest more in depth information on zoonosis in connection with xenoplasty and all I got thrown back at me was "don't need that to pass the exam" WTF?”

“Loved your writing and it made me laugh. I can see you have a sense of humour and I too love cats. Have you ever been to Bettyhill in Sutherland with your photograohy? Beaches to die for. I try and get there at least once and leave a bit of my soul there when I leave. I love thinking and am interested in philosophy and Columbo too.”

“I so enjoyed reading such an intelligent piece of writing. I cannot remember the last time that happened. “

“Thank you.. Last night I had the best sleep in months maybe because my little old brain was worn out after reading your story. Is it true? I feel as if my soul has been cleansed. Does that make sense to you?

“Love it. Your short story gave me goosepimples all over as it touched me so much. Thanks for sharing it. Would like to read more ...”

“I've never known writing like this and I would like to know more.”

“You are a very intriguing man. That story was really frightening...”

“Your writing is interesting, thought-provoking and articulate.”

“I very much enjoyed reading your work and am delighted to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the position. When can we meet up?”

“The photo it's very nice indeed. I love your comprehensive written works, really nice to read.”

“I’d like to say your photographs are AMAZING. Photography's where I'm going next with things, it'll be a process but gotta start somewhere. Your writing also stands out frfomm most others, you're clearly an emotionally articulate soul with a great quirky sense of humour”


“You are a thinker, your stories are not easy reads they frighten me.”

“Your stories are amazing! Would you like me to translate them into German because I know a lot of people who would be interested in them here in Bayern?”

“Your writing has struck a chord with me. I can relate to many things that you write about Canada.”

“Another masterpiece. I really do like your style of writing - it is a combination of so much.....description. Looking behind the scenes. Feelings. Remarkable power of observation to notice all those little things that make a thought or a moment complete. Whoever may read your stories, will feel what you felt in this moment.”

“How did you get out of the water ? And how could you save the SD card ? Where did the camera go ?
And did you get the desired photo of the swans ? You were on the way to approach them when the ice gave way under your feet...”

“Hmmmm...so many fortunate coincidences .... nearly unbelievable ....either you are a very "lucky" or a good writer .... but in both cases, the result is very appealing / emotive .... “

“Your ghost stories are mysterious. The last time I felt so mysterious was when I was in Chipping Campden and walked down the Dover hill in the darkness with a 1000 people with torches in our hands, and we gathered down in the village where the Scottish bagpipes played. Whenever I go there, it gives me goosepimples all over, I feel hundreds of years back and it's like being caught in a dream, not in reality. Every time. All the torches, the flames, the songs full of feelings. These are opportunities where thoughts are open and wide. Everything feels magical. And you set your thoughts free and you're open to all that comes.”

“When I read your stories it gives me a good feeling about you, as you seem to understand. I think in the same direction.”

“I teach business studies to 6th formers and have been doing for 20 years but I have learned more from you in 15 minutes than I could teach my pupils in a whole term. You are so clever and funny. I would love you to take my class one day. I will be laughing all day at some of the things you’ve been saying. Can I use all the stuff you told me in my class?”


"I had to smile when I read that your salesman stories and how you applied the psychology of persuasion and deal-making which you didn't learn at school / academia, but only in real life. I am a Taurus and have a keen interest in photography, graphic design, anything that's artistic. Are you a Taurus? Taurus just love things that have to do with shapes, colours, and especially enjoy it if it all matches together perfectly and all hat leads u to other topics that are closely related to arts. Your art makes my thoughts fly. Once I was in he US. I had been in a state of panic for weeks and I was trying to find a solution for my problem. I had been thinking about it so much, it nearly drove me up the walls with no solution in sight. Then, one evening, I found this peaceful place up on a high hill, with the view over the country, the little village below my feet. And suddenly - it was a feeling like coming home. I just sat there and let my feelings, my thoughts flow, the colours of the sky changed, and the landscape changed with it. It was a permanent change indside me and I noticed how this big ball of panic suddenly started to dissolve. And suddenly - it made "bing!" in my brain, and the solution to my problem stood in front of me, as if it always had been there, and I only had not seen it I felt so - happy, so relieved. I will never forget that. And your art it is the same - it leads you to another world, and sometimes we need to stop and just follow. "

“Thank you for making me laugh so much. You are so funny. In a nice way. You should write material for Little Britian.”

“I'm exhausted after reading your explanation of the geo-political influences on us ;-) But I had a quick chat with Dad (now 82) and he was fascinated with your 'input.' You have friends in Ayrshire ;-)” PS...Dad is a Ham Radio man. Member of Ayrshire club. He has another buddy of same ilk as you in that club. Fascinated...”

“It took a whole day, but I have now been vetted and approved as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. However, after reading your works, I now realise there is much I do not know and it appears that a lot of people are suffering from cognitive dissonance. I am a language and linguistics professor and would like to meet you to discuss what can be done about this as I teach people who have problems with communication.”

“Read your book very interesting I am a white witch and I have a cat”

“I read your ghost story over 2 cups of coffee lol.. Actually I think it's the best I've read, I just wish I could write something half as interesting.”

“Love your writing. I’ve travelled a fair bit of Scotland and the west coast is my favourite part. i spend my days staying in the East which is different More sea cliffs and beaches still pretty but not as hauntingly beautiful as the West side like your descreiptions.”

“Your stories have drawn me into another dimension of thought about the energy associated with Things.”


“I like your wording I am Journalist in spain, im working on mass media and now im also studing psychology im a writter too. im working on tv and magazines..magazines as freelance and at the begining, before be working in TV i was working in Procter Gamble and DIAGEO. I love marketing.
tv is a "SHIT" honestly... i dont enjoy making programmes most of the time. I was very young and i had the dream of tv by ignorance (do you understand this expression, maybe its too much Spanish, lol once inside of TV you now exactly how is this world working and is not as magic as it seems outside do you know what i mean? im totally in love of your wording all very charming do you have a lost castle in Scotland? (tell me yes) you can lie me if you wish but tell me yes!! “

“You have written some amazing stuff on Jane temples were simply amazing.”

“Wow, amazing stories and very interesting. I would like to know more. “

“I am very alike you in your thoughts and I hold the same truths. I am also concerned about the fluoride into there pineal glands the food chain is also responsible for much of this i try and eat as organic as i can and drink plenty of water as a way of filtering out the toxins and i use fluoride free toothpaste made from aloe vera instead i also avoid overuse of the mobile which can also be a calcifier of the same gland Meditation helps to tune the mind and i keep the television to a minimum”

“Your photos are gorgeous - I like what you have to say in your writing too”

“I like your cat stories and I love your pics they look so tranquil and beautiful”

“I see from your stories that one of your interests is in the archaeology of historical landmarks. It is fascinating that the pyramids at Giza actually line up with the Stone circle of Stonehenge and not just those like you say but many others. In fact they form a grid like pattern over the whole Earth.”

“I would agree entirely on your thoughts on the Sumerian race and the Annunaki? Do you really believe that the wisdom was lost when the Library of Alexandria was burnt down? Where is it kept now? Those huge sphere like shapes in the jungle are baffling and the mystery deepens as to what there purpose was but some of them have also been found in Bosnia similar to the ones found in Costa Rica. Be interested in your thoughts on this.”

“Your stories are like music to my ears I have more or less said the same words myself many times. Enriching.”

“I like your idea that the structures built in these energy centres are so precise that they are linked to the natural resonance frequency of the earth and tuned to the hi energy belt that is in between the stratosphere and ionosphere. Tesla know these structures pick up, amplify and direct very high microwave energy at fantastic power levels throughout the grid, fed by the endless power from natural earth ! And they were undoubtably never created with simple tools. I am a former electronics engineer and your explanations make perfect sense. The give away is the recent discovery of gravitational nuclear weak force, which if amplified by as yet an unknown energy ( to us certainly but NOT the builders of these structures ) would render any object as weightless by cancelling out the force and so could be moved and shaped with ease which could verify the antigravity diamond-shape aeroplanes you talk about”

“I also believe that Cosmology and ancient history are entwined together. There are so many mysteries in this world that keep those questions alive, it's the labellers that simply relate to what suits the puzzle that stops more people like yourself investigating and seeking truth behind our being in this universe and ridicules those that logically use their mind and thirst for knowledge to complete the jigsaw of who we are and why are we here. I’m impressed by the precision of your writing. You should do a lecture tour”


“Wow. .. gold star for your writing! Very honest and genuine words.”

“Your writing is almost too good to be true. I like!”

“I love your cat stories! I rescued a stray cat living in my garden, I was never a cat person until this littered ball of fur came into my life just three years ago. I'm such a cat convert now, I would never part with her.”

“That is correct what you say about the alpha theta and beta waves of the mind Ive been using them for years and they really do assist the pineal gland to remain strong There are also isochronic beats available which are also powerful to listen to with headphones”

“You are a deep philosopher and psychologist. Your writing makes me smile.”

“ you are a man who captures beauty with not only his eyes...”

“I am quite touched by the honesty in your writing... you are rather exquisite in the way you put things down.”

“You inspire me to get back into my writing soon - writing can be very therapeutic and liberating don't you think!”

“I yearn to be a published writer - have you had any of your work published?”

“I remember a few years ago i turned into the woods where i live i noticed a pearlescent cloud it was as if it was moving with light inside of it I stopped the car and was mesmerised with it and a neighbour of mine drew up in his car and watched it with me We were both mystified as to what it was”

“I'd like to say your writing intrigues me as it has hidden depths and real understanding.... fantastic”

“you can see through the "mist" and can tell what is real”

“I agree when you say society has become so ruthless... people are so selfish and uncreative... everything is so much about money and all related to it... my senses are hybernating ... like polar bears...”


“Yes i agree there is a lot out there that defies logic and the moon is a base I'm positive of that so being hollow would make sense Again there is much we have yet to discover and seek out Making sense of the Whys is a wonderful starting point as it makes the muscle of the enquiring mind much more stronger. Thank you for writing down and sharing your ideas you are an interesting man and one i enjoy your work”

“ I find your writing exciting...”

“ you make words mean a lot”

“I follow your reasoning in The Gettier Problem, I am trying at least to follow Gandhi's words to 'Be the change that you want to see in the world'. I think a true spiritual, mental revolution starts from within each individual, one at a time.”

“I read you stuff and the mystery deepens and i often wonder if these beings exist within our solar system for another event that is yet to happen. One where we will be transported to another dimension on a higher plane, some say this event is drawing us deeper into space towards a black hole where we will be sucked up and then what ? Do it all over again ? Who knows however i do believe we are one of the planets orbiting the Sun are not being pulled by the Sun; we are following the curved space-time deformation caused by the Sun. The reason the planets never fall into the Sun is because of the speed at which they are travelling.”

“I believe you and I could delve deep into the world you have dreamt of ...”

“I find what you say about Kubrick fascinating ...You've got my attention ....I need to know more”

“You have a very interesting collection of stories that you have collected in your travels. I have just finished read 'French Revolutions' by Tim Moore. Was a bit Stephen King fan in my youth. My favourite was 'The Stand'. “

“Totally agree about the moon there is scientific proof that the rocks on the moon are older than those found on the Earth suggesting it was here long before the earth existed “

“I'm fairly bullet proof in terms of these matters and nothing you have written has shocked me yet - I do agree caution is necessary however because of the enormity of your revelations.”

“your perceptive and you're right”


“Amazing what you say ive always wondered about the significance of the planets including the moon How they got there in the first instance? what is there significance of being there ? Do they provide us with an unknown energy system for instance ? Were they once inhabited and then ceased to be used due to the gases. If there is a life-force on there how do they sustain there life if there is a lack of oxygen ?. Gives one food for thought doesn't it and finally where do we fit into the equation of it all ?”

“I admire your writing style and I agree with you about the dangers social media” What was it Lennon said ‘The more unreal the world becomes the more real I feel'? If your illusions have been shattered. In some ways that's a positive step forward”

“you explain things so well you really seem to understand what your talking about you should be a teacher”

“I also think Mars is inhabited I don't have the photography skills to unmask the NASA photos like you do “

“You are so good at writing, aren´t you? You need to be a special type of person to write so sensitively, attractively and in such a talented way. I just love the alliteration, rolling assonancea and the dark, deep imagery of some of your sentences.”

“You are a very clever man, way beyond my comprehension....”

“Such a beautiful story, I wouldn't have pressed the shutter either.”

“Loving the Highland tales: you should compile a collection of them - perhaps you already have.”

“Your story - is that a local legend? It was a tad creepy.”

“I wonder if living in the Highlands helps to foster an imaginative, creative impulse or have you always been an 'alternative' thinker?”

“You write amazingly well...I´d love to have a drink with you...and laugh... I love to laugh...”

“Beautiful writings...so emotional.”

“The way you write denotes a highly educated person...I used to be a teacher of English for many years. Now I am a stained glass artist...your pictures are unique”

“Your words touch deep inside me making me dream of beauty, calm and warmth.”

“Through my tears you make me smile and I find myself singing when I read your words”


“Your words calm me. You speak a language full of knowledge...thank you”

“You certainly use the right words... It’s because you work in marketing, right? ha ha”

“What calibre was the gun? This could be important if I am to believe your interesting story”

“I speak five languages but you certainly have a gift with words... I have been to Edinborough, its beautiful. I live in Tenerife and do deep-sea diving each morning. How is it that you always uses the right word, like you can read my mind?”

“not very often I read someone so fine with words... and so interesting.”

“Secret frozen Lochs, swans and being trapped under ice, terrifying, but enveloped in scenic beauty. All so very fascinating. Your writing is too good to be true. It is like I am reading my own thoughts. How can that be? How do you do that? Is it collective consciousness?"

“I experienced an NDE after wrapping my car around a bus in 1998 and had a haematoma from the impact with the windscreen. When I was in the trauma I remember going through this surreal, whirling tunnel in my mind. It was how I imagine time travel, as I seemed to be travelling at the speed of light with all these bizarre visions, including dinosaurs and deserts. Suddenly, I came to with a jolt as a recognizable voice of someone on this side seemed to be shouting, 'Get back, get back, I'm not there!' over and over again. It was all very alarming to say the least.”

“Where can I get more of your stories? I'd love to read some more. I find them quite gripping.”

“I've only travelled through Scotland so I have no clue what it's like. Your pictures and stories make it seem magical and mysterious. Makes me want to really explore the country”

“When I read about your adventures I feel boring by comparison. I have work to do...nothing akin to yours...but work nonetheless. Maybe I need to look up at the stars more often”

“I fell into a deep ten-hour sleep after reading the Loch Garten story. Is this NLP hypnotism in the sentences?”

“You are seriously making me laugh with your witty stories! That's definitely a good thing. I'll smile all day now”

“Your stories certainly made me laugh out loud. I'm still smiling as I'm typing this feedback to you. “

“Your writing has me laughing, smiling and thinking wow this man really does have a sense of humour.”


“I'm intrigued by your story telling and would love to read more, you're definitely different and got me curious “

“Intelligent work - your writing is intriguing and I can't stop smiling at the underlying wit.”

“smiling smiling smiling at your witty words”

“It's. ...I can't find the words....to describe how scary that story is. It must have been terrifying, in a parallel line, I wonder what the outcome would have been!”

“Oh my freaking goodness.....you kept your cool in the graveyard where most would have fainted! More more.....what happened next?????”

"How long did they chase you for??? I almost have to ask...were you hallucinating. ..on some sort of drugs. It's just too scary"

“What a story!!! No wonder you feel so alive now....to experience and survive something that could have taken you away...it must have been terrifying....and how you made it all the way back...you must have a huge inner strength”

"I have also had a hair raising NDE I experienced. I am also fascinated by sychronicity and the collective uncosciousness and how humands unwittingly tap into ideas, thoughts, dreams that they don't necessarily claim ownership to. The source of all creativity, the oneness of us all intrigues me"

"What happened to those hippies who were living in the bunker??? Pray tell"

“You're funny!”

“Amazing! I now believe that people can shield who they really are when they are in 3D as you pointed out in the gettier problem.”

“I have a masters and am trying to regain my writing 'mojo' I hope to reach out to people in a meaningful way as you do. I'd love someone to read my book and think: 'YES, I've felt that; I've experienced that. Establishing that kind of close connection with someone would give me immense pleasure. I want fame and fortune. Any tips?”

“Your style of writing is like Paulo Coelho'd The Alchemist. Simple, but passionate and full of magic”

“Your reference to a superior race blocking our DNA way back when - is this your genuine perspective? If so, can I ask what inspired you to take this view i.e. is there any evidence for this? OK: sounds feasible to me. If you can recommend any reading for me that'd be great.”

“Your poems are beautiful, they make me aware of my own breathing, my heartbeat, my inner emotion. Those are beautiful beautiful thoughts David, I almost can't express it in words.....I wish I could.....I want to say more.”

“Hello Do you mind me contacting you ? Hope not. I love deep, intense thinking. I flew to Florence for three days on impulse recently and experienced a bout of Stendhal syndrome from all the beauty and art.”

“you have no idea what a lift you given me when I read your works, thank you”

“My mind goes on overdrive then it shuts down, perhaps then it's some kind of safeguard, but still scary sometimes! I can understand how Stephen King wrote such amazing books...his mind must be far reaching too. Perhaps I should be writing!!!”

“The vibrational aspects sounds fascinating - I hope you expand on this when you have time”

“I'd love to read more of your thoughts on this. I am too intrigued by the intangible aspects of life, beyond our five sense understanding of the world”


“Hey, I am interested in your concept: vibrational frequencies. This is an area of research for me, and something that can be felt and experienced, as well as researched. As Einstein said: 'Everything in life is vibration'. It is an intriguing area and there are many subtleties surrounding vibration and how we perceive and experience this as humans.”

“Boom!!! How interesting! Perhaps you could share more of your writing some time as this is interesting. Do you think there is a reason why and how the DNA has been limited? Do you explore this scientifically or spiritually, or both?”

“From your writing you're obviously a man of many talents with an extraordinary mind.”

“My head is busy, my thoughts never stop....so what is it that causes a mind to run riot. I couldnt speak my mind....it's too fast, too varied and too diverse to be able to talk what I'm thinking quick enough. I've always thought that I'm abnormal as most people don't seem to have this. Does that make sense?”

“WOW! I wasn't expecting that! You have totally blown my mind now! Are you being serious.”

“Wow - that is quite a spine chilling story and I am duly impressed with your survival instincts. So you literally cut your way out of your clothes: sounds like a life changing experience. Do you ever have nightmares or flashbacks? I can imagine the terror and panic that you must have felt”

“I believe that your are right in thinking most people, (including myself unfortunately) are currently operating on a fairly low vibrational frequency which is encouraged and reinforced by many aspects of our politics, culture, history and society and entertainment. Many negative aspects of life are being consistently and relentlessly perpetuated, making it challenging to mentally liberate completely”

“Like your stories, I run my own tuition agency and write novellas - hoping for worldwide success!! And are you of Scottish descent? Is Scotland full of ghosts?”

“Your stories are so chilling I don't think I can make it through the night...your stories are certainly not bedtime sweetdream stories would love to hear more do I have to go out and find your books”

“Your near death experience stories are something of nightmares...I am shaking”

“You sound like your in the Matrix. ...I love that movie! You seem to be able to explain it all, perhaps your books should be made into movies!”

“Tell me of your ghosts David, I've seen many...“


“I understand the not asleep and not quite awake...thats the right place to be to see what normally would not be there. I have met people I have never met before...but can tell them things that I could never know just like you say”

“Have you ever had a telepathic link to the person who stands in front of you...like telikenesis (even though nothing is being touched) rather than some ghostly link?”

“I have read you stuff and would love to challenge your thought process?”

“Your words make me curious, just wondering what makes you tick”

“what's outside your window??? An underground bunker....why???”

“your stories scare me a little....but your books are unputdownable!!!”

“...I grew up in age of nuclear fear....now its chemical warfare and worse. Scary... “

“does the New Frontier Surviver have internet in that bunker?”

“your stories make me smile on the way to work”

“I look forward to the day that my 9-5 job is a thing of the past and I can spend my time writing like you do. I do some accountacy / admin / advertising etc. Bit of a workaholic....but all for an end game....and then every day can be a weekend for me. Your writing shows lots of things, which do you prefer? You intrigue me.”

“Hahahaha brilliant....great writing David :0) you describe lovely traits and use nice words”

“I can see from your background you've had a varied and interesting career....been a bit like that myself, even down to the printing and engineering, how bizarre. I have an analytical mind like you and read Andy McNab”


“Well I think you're a natural writer, I expect studying psychology must put things into perspective. I tend to write as I feel, if there is no natural flow I find it really difficult”

“I enjoyed your writings, I'm with you 100% on your ideas...but work destroys it for me...you describe the sounds, the sky, the light from the moon and the dark from the stars...I keenly await auroras in winter. What’s going to happen at the solstice at the lochan?”

“good writing wish i could put a bit more effort into mine”

“Thanks to you I'm now learning how to control my unconscious mind at the moment it's totally fascinating I love it ... Really wakening up now more than before.”

“Made a change reading something interesting”

“Enjoyed reading your stories - I can certainly relate to many of the sentiments - you have some lovely photos too :)"

“Your writing is smashing, original and honest. You certainly know what you think. Cats are my favourite also and I am loving your cat stories. I have a cat - she has polydactyl paws (original Cravendale Cat).”

“...you made me laugh on a Sat morning.”

“You are a beautiful writer David”

“You're a fantastic teacher I love to learn.”

“You're are a real romantic, the way you write in rhythm and you're knowledge is so attractive”

“you are an articulate man that knows very well what you think...how amazing!”

“I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your article on David Hume. It was in-depth, witty and refreshing.”

“I've read your very interesting stories. They are so delicately and sensitively written. It is quite rare to experience something like this in today’s world. Thank you so much.”

"You sound like a very interesting person ..a thinker..I like thinkers."

"I found your writing very beautiful and honest ... I would like to know more about your adventures."

"Your photographs and stories have got me singing in the supermarket"

"I wish that I had time to write like you. My writing energy is all saved for work"

"Love your mini story.....yes I read all the way to the end! It was the cat that made me read even further...."

“Your stories got me feeling happy. you got me very thoughtful”

“that story made me cry in a happy way”

“nice lines”


“Nice. Very nice. I think that that is right up there with the best descriptive phrase money can buy and language has to offer.”

“can you please send me a signed copy of your book, or where can I buy it?”

“...gony tell me how you got from being homeless to where you are now ?”

“these are nice lines, most interesting. I appreciate”

“Please give me your take on Richard Dawkins, what has he got right about evolutionary processes and what wrong? I'd be interested to know what you think. I have a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy and so I have a brain”

“I get this lovely sense of warmth from your stories. Very engaging. It is always a pleasure to read them.”

“Thank you for your help with my writing. It was a great compliment from one so accomplished”

“I have no idea how you do it, but you put a smile on my face every time when I read one of your stories.”

“great story David really enjoyed it”

“Very good story David.....dont fancy staying in that place you describe....am very greedy for more stories.”

“Any chance of another wee tale of yours...”

“I have to be honest, the thing that most interests me is your writing on photography and more specifically that you photograph ghosts. It's a subject that holds a great deal of interest for me out of nothing more than curiosity. Your work shows intelligence and curiosity about the world. I bet that you are very rarely bored.”

“One of my qualifications is as a Copy Editor. It came about from my absolute love of reading and my dislike of spelling mistakes. But... please.....the Graveyard Shift...I want to know what happens!”

“beautifully written”


“Very interesting because i read through to the end”

"Any chance of the end of the graveyard story?"

"Lol!!! That is an excellent course title, and indeed, snappy!! Maybe I should sign up?! How much will it cost for the first module?"

"Your stories are so romantic"

“When I read your stories I feel I could almost have written ever word myself. The stories are fascinating, intriguing, and strangely enticing. It’s almost as if you can read my mind!”

“...i would love to find out more, and i love Scotland! You make it so interesting!”

“I am in Spain but when I read your words it is like I am hearing the voice of my twin. I am in shock. It feels really weird, like an electric shock. How do you do that? It is 19 degrees here but your ghost stories are chilling me. I’ve never known anything like it, ever.”

“Thank you for that enlightening article”

“Your stories are full of heart”

“Such a beautiful story. I love your writing, you feel as if you are there, so touching dont want the story to end... The books you write are they all short stories? I want to read more.”

"Again, I’m intrigued......so, when do I get to hear the story about the Secret Lochan?"

"You have a great story-telling skill. You should be proud!"

"The Distinguished Couple at Loch Garten......please tell me more..."

"I loved your story! Your so witty and such a good writer. Can I borrow you for my p7 class? Lol."

"I think you're storys are funny"

“Amazing! The way you write your personality is a very warm honest man”

“Wow,! thanks for providing a great story. Looking forward hearing the next part.”

"You are one interesting man, but then again you already know that."

"good skills!"

"wow! i'm impressed you know and admire John Pilger. most folks haven't heard of him :)i've met him twice at 2 separate book readings in edinburgh. he is my hero :)"

“I'm curious about you saying you take photographs of ghosts, as well as write ghost stories. It's good to be open to the possibility of anything. I always think that the whole idea of being alive on a spinning planet is hard to believe so why should we question what else might be going on!”

“You're stories made me smile.”

“it's been a long train journey but your stories have brought some light into it and the odd smile, so for that I thank you”


“Your story about Columbo ITS PERFECT !!!!!!!! That was fantastic David you have a way with words ...how do you do that ? i love reading your stories ...Give Me More ...”

"Please tell me more. I’m very interested in Near Death Experiences and tell me about the Human Ice Cube story."

"OMG !!!!!!!!! Thats some story David you held my attention all the way through that I feel frozen just thinking about it."

"You are very good at story telling know wonder you write storys its brilliant ...want to know more and more."

"Your story cheered me up on a very busy day."

"You have definitely intrigued me with your writing."

"Your ghost story was good, hope i can sleep tonight after reading it."

"you are totally talented!"

"now you have me intrigued, i do spook quite easily but would like to read more. you have me hooked tell me more ! "

"looking forward to next instalment"

"I'm intrigued...... Nice to read something other than the metro on the bus this morning..."

"Thank you very enjoyable and I will look forward to the new instalment!"

"You appear to be a Vitruvian man with Lenardo's tendencies to polymathy!!"

"I love reading would love to be able to capture a moment, a scene, an event in those perfect words that create an image in your head so the reader would know exactly what you mean"

"If everyone saw the connections with each other then the world would be better."

"wow david, excellent stuff, I have always loved art, like the old master's and a chinese painter called H.Leung."

"i apply psychology to a lot of what i do, i am forever trying to find out what makes people tick. i believe that you dont have to walk in another mans shoes to empathise with him. I love art. i would love to read more of yur storys"

"What an interesting article! I’m always interested in finding out the technical side of things too. I am trained as a sales person"

"Never really understood Existentialism but you’ve made it very clear to me, thank you. I like reading the words in philosophy but then when you close the book I dislike thinking well what was that about and not having a clue!"

"You certainly have cheered me up with your story. Very funny!"

"you are a very gifted person. I really am impressed..."

"...you get me hooked and then leave me hanging!"

"Gripping stuff. Thank you. I am shortly about to head off to a remote house alone. Hope the next part is not too scary."


"Thanks for that. That brought an extra chill to my Sunday morning"

"What an interesting article! I love learning. I have a degree in Psychology and am fascinated with human behaviour. I have also studied Computer studies and, more recently English literature and Creative Writing. I also love Art and have a few large oils I've collected. I write short stories - lit and some detective/ thrillers. Just finished my first novel but it needs a lot of redrafting!"

"Could read you all day!"

"Everything you write makes me want to know more and more."

“You must have been in shock, I would have been terrified”

“There is nowhere more spooky than the Oa Peninisual on the island of Islay and so I believe your story. Unexplained events took place when we visited the Oa in the evening. Being a dyed-in-the-wool sceptic, I was shaken to the core.”

“You have a way with words, almost like a romantic poet”

“You seem to be in tune with my own thoughts. Quite uncanny”

“Your stories make me feel happy”

“You're too spooky for me. The supernatural scares me and I'd rather not know.”

“Reading your stories is like letting a ghost into my front room... Chilling."

"I've read your story a few times and find it all a little overwhelming. The things you have done and experienced seem amazing. What happened in your life that made you take the decision to do all that stuff?"

"beautiful pictures and you are a really artist, my compliment !!! you really seem to be a very interesting person to know... it's really a pity you live a bit far from Madrid... yes...
You are Scottish, aren't you?, I come from Galicia in the North of Spain...you really do have a fantastic talent, and you are so resourceful, is there no end to your talents?"

"I have to say that it's a really rewarding and humbling experience taking in a stray cat, they're almost like a little gift as they get to choose you, it's more than just a food thing, cats are highly intelligent and I believe, and don't laugh, that they have a sixth sense and see what we don't see, they see things at a much deeper level than we think, almost like the ability to see into someone's soul, I think you must have a very kind heart. It's unbelievably sad that so many people adopt or buy an animal without seeing anything more than a latest accessory."

"Are those your own pieces of art? They are absolutely gorgeous"


"Your photos are amazing, I've always fancied myself as a photographer! maybe get round to it one day"

"you are refreshing thank you for your detailed story you are a breath of fresh"

"wow your paintings are wonderful! I like painting in watercolour but haven't had chance to do any for a while! Are any of your pictures of people you have met?"

"Wonderful to see your creative photo's, they are amazing, very special and intriguing. Nice that you like cats, my favourite creatures - far cleverer than most people perceive them to be. Sounds like you have an interesting life"

"I am kinda glad its a photo and not a painting or I would be overly in awe of your talent! Are you a journalist? You sound like a very interesting man thats for sure. Your art work is really beautiful, i love your style. What medium do you work in?"

"I decided to do a drawing everyday in February, which I thought would be easy, but it has turned into a bit of a mission and really get me thinking about things. So the long and short of it I have just been in a quiet introverted mood. Like you I work every day, or nearly every day, either writing, painting or teaching and when not doing that looking after my animals"

“Those paintings are absolutely amazing wish I could paint like that. I like painting but no where near to that level lol”

“I am a drama teacher/actress. Being an actress it is very hard to have any kind of structure. I enjoy teaching drama, it's every actors dream to have regular work. And yes I believe you about Time, not that I know anything about how my brain actually works, but I never wear a watch”

“You are Elgin’s gain! Your paintings are beautiful, but my favourite, by far, is Knoydart. Wow your life is interesting”

“How are you finding this worm-hole?”

“Your work...can't really find an adjective that would do them justice…”

“Love yer taste in all things musical. Some excellent choices in there”

“Hey I love the drawings, so unique and tell their own story. I try to be a positive person. I am diversifying slightly and I am hoping to set up a business helping people who have gone bankrupt.”

“I love your pictures. I'm a pretty creative person but am useless at actual drawing or painting myself.”

“My friend is an art teacher and wow you’re better than her lol I’ve just looked at them again and they are so profound”

“I see you are interested in fine art and photography like me. Your photo's are beautiful. You have a good eye”

“I was drawn back to reading your story as it intrigued me and I found it very interesting and very funny indeed, especially about the cat and now rabbit being your best friend, and they get to live with you”

“Really good! You certainly seemed to give a sense of yourself. I agree with your comments about people talking about what they do instead of what they think and feel. I'm sure a lot of people fall into that trap including me... I also agree with your comments about communicating and connecting with people…you definitely hit the nail on the head for me…”


“I like that you're a cat man. I've always taken rescue cats and tend to go for the ones that no one else wants, whether it's because they're elderly, have something "wrong” “

That’s brilliant! I think it’s great that you just get in with it and write, no self doubt, just cracking on with it! I should take a leaf out of your book! How do you fit it all in? What happens next?! I’m gripped

P.S. I think there might be something quite special about you.

“Your Graveyard Shift is gripping. You know what ... my father is a writer and he wrote a book on his real life experiences with ghosts and angels. I have written a novel as well... it should be published soon.”

“Your writing is so peaceful…”

“…ah you made my day dear .. I can sleep peacefully now J”

“Hope to read a complete work of yours soon... as can buy it f you send me the details”

Wow, what an amazing talent, I love your style of painting, amazing, The painting of the cottage in the rainstorm can I have it please?,
Reminds me of one I like by hamish blakesly

Do you know who was Gustavo A dolfo Becquer? He wrote Rhymes and legends. Your writing is very very similar.

Got both deliveries yesterday really pleased with them, thank you once
again for getting them done such short notice. Be sure to send me some
of your own packs I can hand them out to friends.

Wow that's an amazing array of different subject matter, I can see why you don't have much time to paint anymore. You must do an amazing amount of reading, maybe your next career move is as a lawyer or psychiatrist? I have to confess I've only really become interested in psychology over the last few months, it's an amazing topic, what areas are you particularly interested in and studied at depth?. It has been an eye opener to find that there are just so many different personality types out there some are pleasant and harmless while others are very deceptive and manipulative and very hard to detect. It's amazing to think, and I really do believe that we are all a product of our childhood, and how we were brought up, of course a degree of it is down to our genes and nature, but primarily I think the events we experience in childhood determines our thinking and thought processes as adult.


photos are amazing. I would love to be there at that point when they are taken..the sky is magical. I would love to see the northern lights. Are you a professional photographer? ...if I get a really good book I will read it from cover to cover but If it doesn't hook me in the first few pages, I will read the last page to gauge whether it's worth it!

your images are fabulous! I’m one of the irritants that takes pictures on my phone and thinks I’m a photographer!!
I do have an entry level dslr........must get it out. Lost my mojo after retiring from ten years abroad, when it was never far from my side! How’s like in Edinburgh? What a fab city.

Really like your pictures .... clearly you are very talented. Just the truth....
Do you do commissions on your portraits? I'd love to get one done of my daughter and I (she's 8). I work for a global tech company..I've been with them now nearly 11 years. I'm kind of in sales. I'm a former academic..I lectured economics for 12 years before that. I work at home in Belfast the rest of the time. I do economic analysis on all the big deals...anaylse industry trends, do business cases, client meetings... It's a very interesting job. I have a PhD in economics :) I think we share an interest on philosophy and psychology...I do a lot of reading .. all non fiction, but especially in those areas. I'm reading Balthazar Gracian at the moment...just finished Marcus Aurelius meditations and reading Epictetus discourses as well at the mo...Thankfully I'm not faint hearted...You seem pretty accomplished yourself. IncredibleLike I said, I'm very impressed...knowing how much work and effort
it takes to generate all those outputs.....

I am an artist. Going to have another look. Do you sell your work? They are good. Going to have another look. Do you sell your work? They are good.

Whaou....très beau et aussi très belles photos!??
Is this part of something longer? Each paragraph is a vignette in its own right

Your work is really thought provoking as to the story you are very talented.

hi! I like all your paintings...
how is to be an artist? I think you are a happy man,you do what your soul feel ...

Your creative workings are beautiful.
I love the atmosphere they create :-)
So you prefer.... people or landscapes???

I just love the energy your work has.
David, your paintings are amazing. And you capture romance, respect and nurture so beautifully.
Wow! I am a little overwhelmed ! You are clearly very driven. Does one thing in all those things take presidence ?

your pictures are awesome .. very talented!!! I paint too, and I also do it for family and friends, I can lose myself for days when I paint ,total escapism …but painting .... is the best ..only another painter can understand the grip it can have ...ive stayed up all night painting

Oh my goodness, your pics are amazing you should show them off in a gallery.
I thought the girl with the auburn hair sitting in grass is amazing, And the house by water, love the light on it.

Your work is incredible! I only got as far as A-level art, never had the patience to take it further. You have certainly had a varied and interesting life thus far

Stunning art what a visual delight Well you should be proud of your art, its quite amazing :-)

David the art work on your photos are amazing and you have lived a very colourful life so far I'm very impressed .

Wow.. You are an interesting man.. I would love to read your work.. Mine is definitely not as interesting, but it pays the bills. You are one versatile and talented man!!! Those paintings are just stunning!

Wow! Your very talented. My daughter is aiming to go to Art School eventually. These paintings those that you've drawn? I feel they appeal as there's life and dance to them.

You should exhibit in London. I have never been to Scotland, feeling a shame as I have been living in the UK, England, for more than 25 years...

I like that your interested in spooky stuff. I like that myself. Did you take all the photos on your site? They are stunning.

Well your obviously very good. Love the picture of the castle. Would love to see some more of your spooky pictures.


I have 3 videos of my youngest grandson with loads of orbs flying about. On the last video the orbs were flying horizontal towards him. Really strange. At first I thought it might be dust but in first video you can see me banging the couch to see if it was dust but it wasn’t.

I have spent six months in a tent in Mexico. Slightly scarier than Scotland at times but better weather! That was a wee while ago though and now limit my outdoor adventures to my camper van. Have upgraded!

I love your photographic work. I see we have a love of Scottish beauty. One of my favs being Achmelvich. .. magical place at any time though feel may get spoilt a little by the North 500. Eilean Donan pretty neat also .. do you ever exhibit your work? I thought you might have as the Achmelvich one is amazing .. hope you don't mind i"ve screenshot it for a screensaver. . Cheeky I know but it is fab.

Hello David, your gift is truly wonderful. Such an unusual profile. A multitask person ! It's a delight. Really liked the way you paint people.

You have interesting photos. Do you paint yourself? Did you paint any of your photos? I paint too. I'm making an art instigation for the botanic gardens. I'm making a tree from piano parts they have a certain stlye. They are really good. I paint potraits and aniMalaysia. Also landscapes. One of my paintings was used for a book cover

You make me want to pick up my paint brushes! I see Van Gogh, Jack Vettriano & the Pre-Raphaelites in your work not to mention the Impressionists. I like the fluidity & sensitivity.

“You are a being of unconditional love and I love your frequency of who You are inside Thank You for your energy of knowing I’m pleased to meet with another soul of love within”

“your paintings are beautiful It is absolutely the truth you are too humble!”

“Hi I like your story I’m really interested in art I have a few nice local pictures. I was just at the art stalls at the west end today, some really nice interesting work. Just say it as I see it, your story was very witty and made me laugh”

“To me you totally capture the energy and passionate feeling between the couple's in the detail in there faces it speaks more than words ,just raw deep passion. “

“Your photo's of Scotland brought back memories. Went to Gairloch via Pitlochry and Inverness in May - absolutely stunning scenery.…”

“Hello, what an interesting and well written story! - makes me laugh so much. I am certainly intrigued.”

“Your paintings are amazing, very talented and boy you can't have write a story “

L”ove your photos, quite the photographer”

“What do you mean, since before humans, what do you believe them to be, are you talking about aliens?”

“I do have to say that your writing is very intimidating (for me anyway), and makes me feel rather stupid and extremely boring in every way :( “

“You are funny...but in a good way :) “

“Omg by the time I read ur story my tea was stone cold but it made me laugh in particular the part about the scones”


“I made it to the end of your article - do I get a prize? :-). I liked your sense of humour.”

“I loved your photos and your art work. I'm afraid I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I sometimes take a good photo”

“Your photo's are beautiful..... I am very truthful. they are a work of art…”

“I love Scotland; I visit close friends near Edinburgh quite a lot. You're lucky to live there. :-) magnificent scenery shots “

“Loving the story about the six cats ! I think you must be my alter ego! I think I love cats more than humans actually and I would fill my home with them if I could , I think I was a cat in a previous life!”

“Your very talented then David. I love taking photo's wish I was as good as you”

“you really make me laugh... are you like this in real life?”

“Your a very funny person”

“You use very big words..making me feel pretty dumb lol”

“Hi i think after reading your story which was full on but interesting i wish i could write something as good as that “

“I can relate to much of your story”

“I am quite taken by your photography! I also have a recent photo of Eileen Donan Castle but it certainly isn't a patch on yours! I was fortunate enough to have a trip up to Skye with work a few weeks ago and the scenery was stunning. I must admit, we did have a few photo stops” Your story certainly intrigued me!”

“Lol your story make me laugh so much...thanks for cheering me up.”

“David, You have so many interesting ideas - where do I start. “

“My work is not as exciting - I am a Project Manager/Managing Consultant in London, - very boring compared to your 'Art' Scene. “

“what a load of crap you spout! luckily it makes me laugh!”

“I say what I see. I used to run a contemporary art gallery back in 1995. And my Grandad was a professional artist for the Admiralty. He was Prince Phillips Royal appointed artist after the war. As a child it was a rare treat to be let into his studio. The smells of the oils and ointments and him regailing the nuances between ochre and biscuit still haunt me. Oops....got a bit lost in thought then. In fact he was a ghastly man. His edges only softened when he played the piano or in his studio. Mostly I was frightened stiff of him to be honest”


“When did you discover your love of painting?”

“you are lucky to have such a gift. I appreciate art and always try to collect a little piece from my travels”

“A truly impressive amount of thought seems to have gone into that!”

“Was just showing my art school daughter your art work. Meant to say she loved them she is also super critical, so a real compliment”

“I'm impressed with your art work. I love the picture of the couple in a tango embrace...I dance tango. Very nice indeed.”

“My family has been in the art business for many years. You have a lot of talent”

“I'm totally fascinated by your career choices - a lot of those are choices I would have made i.e. psychology, artistic stuff “

“Wonderful! Can't tell from my 'phone what medium they are in, but certainly recognise Glen Etive in Glencoe...?”

“love the artwork. I'm really into Art myself. Was checking out your music taste too. Love 80's funk soul. Very interesting career path too I have to say”

“Your prints are stunning. I had to look at them 3 times and still couldn't find a favourite. You are very talented.”

“Hi David absolutely adore your art work so life like I can't draw”

“Hi, I'm drawn to the man with the hat looking at the girl in the red dress. Does that give anything away about me on a sub conscious level ?! You have piqued my curiosity “

“I'm a big fan of the west coast and islands of Scotland. The mountains, the light, and I'm loving the trees at this time of year, as they're starting to move into autumn colour”

“I've never tried painting but I've been doing ceramics for a few years, mostly hand building forms, and I can't imagine life without it”

“Lovely image of the woodland shrine. I adore dappled woodland light and the presence that trees have. I also really liked the kestrel reference, in fact the references to the sacred qualities of things that should not be have intrusions.... hmmmm.... what would a psychologist make of that then? (I should know as I'm a psychologist!). Bath time now for me.”

“Hello David...i just want to say I've looked through your art work and you are a very talented artist...your work is amazing, so life like. What an amazing gift you have”

“I love your artwork, particularly the mood it creates with the use of the texture from what I am assuming is brushstrokes?”

“Your own paintings are amazing. They are fantastic!! you were obviously an A+++++ student in art!!!!”

“Well using both methods of photography and painting produces a wonderful effect :-)That and the fact that you are obviously very talented.”


“I am very much a visual person and I appreciate beautiful things. So many paintings appear static but yours come alive.”

“I'm always drawn to portraits, the woman in the black camisole top holding the glass of champagne draws you into the picture like your looking at her through a camera lens.”

“The couple with the man wearing the bowler hat and the woman in the red dress has intensity in their faces and the outfits makes me think that I'm watching them dance a Tango.”

“Is your art work on display anywhere? I have never had the opportunity to appreciate art work but your profile pictures are amazing. get them out there”

“love your paintings I like paintings with people in them especially if you can feel emotion”

“that left me speechless I think for the first time in my life”

“Oh my word that's some story and yes I would certainly be staying away from graveyards at that time”

“When I read your story last night it made me think I should go today to the cemetery today . I haven't been for a while . I always get so emotional and at times it makes me melancholy ?? it's damp today so I think I may not go after all”

“can't stop looking at your paintings so forgive me”

“Now that is a camping expedition I would love. I enjoyed reading ...is it factual or imagined? Do you enjoy the solitude?”

“I love your imagination...you are a good story teller. Enjoying your work, please do carry on”

“Ok now stop this…I live alone and you’re freaking me out with the ghost stories!! F**k off! I’ll not sleep tonight”

“I have goosebumps .. thanks!!!”

“Oh my goodness you are obviously on this earth for good reason”

“I think I could listen to your stories all day long”

“I tend to read most nights and I would be quite happy if I could have one of your stories to read each night before going to bed”

“I'm sometimes struggling to tell when you are talking about yourself in a story lol. You have a lovely way of expressing yourself”

“I think you are the most spiritual person I have spoken with. And please don't think I'm mocking you. I'd bottle you and have a sip every morning”

“You live in Elgin city with species of every variety. I have an excuse living in a small town where most people live in the Bermuda Triangle i.e. The pub the bookies and the bank are in that said shape in the high street!”

“And please if you have the key to that cottage in your painting I'd love to rent it that's my idea of a holiday if I can take Bonnie my dug”

“Ah, don't give me all your stories at once lol. There's nothing worse than finishing a book only to realise that you need to wait at least a year for the author to publish another one.”


“I love your stories ...it is nice to observe intelligence and imagination in a man.”
“I have to say is there no end to your talent? You have an amazing eye for detail in the pictures you have created....…”

“You have an amazing talent. You have inspired me to write again.”

“Your work is fantastic! I got into Glasgow school of art when I was young and daft and opted to quit and go into fashion which I loved and kept art as a hobby. Now that the youngest kid has flown the nest I’m back at RGU Grays school of art.”

“Your work is amazing I only wish I was as artistic”

“Wow I love your paintings, I have paintings by Mark Spain which are similar, you have a real gift and looked through your paintings several times and each time saw something different in the picture!”

“I’ve got a friend who is a landscape photographer. The west coast of Scotland is absolutely beautiful- if only we could count on the weather ! always wanted to go to Fingals Cave, it’s off the Isle of Staffa. One of the things on my bucket list”

“You have piqued my interest. I was a sculptors muse for a long time - my creativity these days tends to be in fashioning my own individual style love putting colour together”

“I just had to send you a message saying how much I like your art. Those pics are absolutely mesmerizing / beautiful. Whereas, I am very much an amateur - currently week 4 of an oil painting class! I also love music too and we share many of your preferences. Funnily enough I also write - but for the education market..…”

“You are very talented indeed I would buy your work”

This may all come across as a bit batty, but, I truly don't know how to respond to everything I just read. I only know I felt quite emotional after reading it and that must mean something even if I don't know what that is. I just knew I wanted to reach out.”

“ you made my laugh. I started a good book yesterday and thought I stumbled on another but it was just your story I think you have all the bases covered and sound so good I'm sure you'll be off the self by now “

“What a beautiful story; you certainly stand out. A pleasure to look at it and to read.”

“Amazing your pictures they made me the most beautiful night watching them”

“What about the link to your book, I would love to read them.”


“Very beautiful, stunning pieces, you are truly talented and obviously very romantic, as it is very apparent in the pieces shown”

“Hi David I would just like to comment on how beautiful your paintings are especially the figures they look really romantic and I hope they are selling well. Well done you”

“ Love your arty stuff! “

“wow! what a talented man you are. so many interesting things to read in your work. very inspiring”

“ been reading your blurb - wow an articulate intelligent guy whose able to write with clarity and certainly keeps you interested and then questions to ask . Love the art of conversation .
Good read ! “

“Some things are so precious and unique because of how they affect us personally....so there's no need to capture these moments in film or written form and the fact they exist only in our memories are what make them truly precious to us. I find it quite a rare experience to meet someone who allows there mind freedom to appreciate the simple joys visible to us every day, if we are open to seeing them”

“am suitably impressed David. I like my alone time and believe we all need time to just be but I don't think I could last a month. The idea of being in a wee tent, listening to the rain beat down on it with a good book does sound bliss”

“You write beautifully like a author drafting out a craft of words on a page . Appreciated”

“Hi David, love your pictures. I am a bit of a Gustav Klimt fan myself.”

“Aah David, you are giving me goosebumps picturing this. I am sitting in a 185 year old cottage, where strange occurrences have been noted, thick fog outside and my senses are being heightened to a point I may struggle to sleep”

“Where was this , Drummuir? David you are a bit of an adventurer! I like that you are so confident to just abandon yourself to the experience but that's got to be difficult for your friends and family....they must feel such relief to hear from u after one of your exploits”

“Hope I can sleep and am not dreaming of the 'old man' in the graveyard”

“was checking out some of the artwork on your site. You have a real talent! I used to love art myself at school but haven't touched on it for years”

“ I can never come up with something so beautiful ...but I can admire and enjoy reading it”

“hi David, wow ur paintings are truely spectacular! i take it u have always been interested in art?- since this wasnt the first line of work u joined!”

“your pictures & art are outstanding. If you would like to talk further i would like that too.”


“I enjoyed reading your stories and like your range of artwork. Do you exhibit it anywhere? “

“ust to say that your writing and art make me cry very touching all that themes about love, like Vettriano, but style is different. some chance to see them”

“I loved reading your work. In summary I've been a graphic designer Now an A level arts teacher
Your paintings are beautiful.. they remind me a bit of jack vettriano”

“I think you sound really interesting and fun David”

“Are you famous?”

“Love your art, are you using oil based pastels?”

“Are you Scottish? I'm originally from Motherwell, was offered the chance to study fine art at Glasgow but parents said I needed a "proper job" so became a psychiatric nurse!!! Miss my art. My daughter studies Graphic Design in Ealing, so at least I get to enjoy it through her”

“I think it's part of our genetic make up. You feel art in your soul and they convey it however you can! Music, dance, painting.... I love my job actually and I get to be artistic and creative sometimes. I'm working with adults who have profound learning disabilities and behavioural problems so very satisfying.”

“Capturing emotions, whatever they are is such a skill.”

“what motivates you?”

“Fab artwork on your site by the way”

“I read your story....you certainly have had some awesome careers/jobs...I'm very jealous”

“You have a wonderful way with words... I think I may have dreamt about you once!”

“Your models have a common theme”

“I like the lighting and the way it falls”

“Thanks for sharing, have novel image of a shredded body walking around like a ghost, full of wavy shapes of invisible through and beyond the outline!”

“V good analysis David. I agree with all points. My mum loves to watch Columbo and Monte Albano and similar (ish) though I have not watched it myself. As you say, there is little point really and I am v focused in what I do as always seem to have a bit too much on the boil as it were! Also, to keep my mind clear, sharp and pure I am v careful about what I put in it so don't watch TV though I do watch the odd thing on iplayer and I am an avid film fan, set up a film club here which is v sweet and exclusive. Meditating cleans the mind and heart so I keep it simple. Helps yo be a caring world citizen and creative person I find. Last TV series I watched, and lived, was War and Peace 2016. Actually no, loved Pole dark too, for sone of the reasons you list plus cirnish coast, nice horses, country villages and sumptuous fabrics and patterns in fashion and decor. You might go out for a long cycle or take the cats out fir a walk, getting out is def a good idea!!”

“Hello David.. I'm wildlife photographer as hobby but just won inter-fife portrait photographer. sing in rock band, also paint,play guitar, alto sax and clarinet etc etc. as been out with camera today and am freezing now. “

“yes you belong to that enlightened elite for sure”

“Cycling trip sounds fantastic however at the same time almost makes me break out in a cold sweat! There are several reasons for this . . . 1 . I'm not confident cycling on busy roads. 2 traveling a lone I don't think I'd feel safe with no phone and 3 .. I am no good at assembling and re packing camping gear “

“I have been lucky enough to spend time in the Scottish wilderness. My grandparents used to live on an estate called Ardchatton Priory. Of course growing up, my cousins and siblings and I had no mobile phones. We ran wild through the hills with the horses, sometimes we took bikes, we ate from the orchards or fished. The rising moon signalled that it was time to head home and we knew the landscape like the back of our hands, even on a dark and cloudy night. That place and that time will remain in my heart forever. “


“You live in a beautiful part of the world, I see. I travel around as I work with museums across the country. As well as that I write music, currently for a Film Noir story/idea I have created called Dancing with a Deadly Stranger. I'm working artist,designer, photographer & musicians on this project. It's a bit of an obsession (in a good way, not crazy way). The Big Sleep / The Third Man / Touch of Evil / Out of the past / Blood Simple / Kiss Me Deadly / Sorry Wrong Number the Third Man is a feast for the eyes. I'm recording a new song at the moment called Un Jour Meilleur. Some of the musicians are in LA, vocals I do here, Somerset. The songs I am writing now are for the story: Dancing with a Deadly Stranger. I have an artist doing some story boards. Do you exhibit? Sell online? Your art would have a big audience I'm sure. I love photography as well. I guess being a fan of Film Noir gives that away:-) You are very interesting - your art and photography. I want to do easy on the ear music, accessible, melodic, tell a story.”

“You are the third person who has recently told me of the power of just being. Someone who works with me and a stranger on a train also talked of it. I've seen that light you mention. I wrote about it. This was a letter I wrote to my Dad after he passed away last year. Losing my dad was bittersweet of course, but it has brought many positive things into my life including turning on a tap to my music and creativity, which I started doing after 17 years.”

“I like it, a lot... I play around with watercolour,a little pop arty but I actually make a living out of it.. no idea why but they sell.... you David... could make a fortune!”

“The blonde girl in the wedding dress is amazing.. how do you get that effect?”

“I'd be very interested to know how you created them...some look pastels or adapted/vetted photos.....beautiful technique. I too was a Graphic Designer in a past life ho ho...in the good ol' days of 'lick and stick' as we called it...cowgum, spraymount and Letraset!! Sadly I have no been able to create artwork like yours on computer....do you use it for graphics at all?”

“you are very cultured and very interesting. Tell me the name of a book so that I can look it up? Interested in the ones about the human condition.”

“I unfortunately suffer from Anxiety, which is one of the reasons I wanted to learn about hypnotherapy. I've been to two workshops through Mindbody Breakthrough. I'm reading Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic attacks..Wale Oladipo.. so I'm interested in your belief systems and how things affect them”

“Wow, very deep, yet very true.”

“More you can't leave it like that I want to know what the hooded man is talking about. Have you got the whole story in yr head about where this goes and how the age thing ties in does he enter into another dimension.”

“Ha ha ! ... are your books dirty ?!”

“That's funny! as I've final exams in medical statistics on mid of June (don't ask me why I'm torturing myself this age especially since I already have a PhD ??). I noticed you have done a bit this that also! It's great to have courage to change the direction of your life if you are unhappy! So many people are just stuck in their lives because they are too scared to change or whatever.
Life is too short for unhappiness!”

“hey are all amazing. I'm truly in awe of your talent. Why the cottage?”

“You are a talented writer too it seems. Wonderful stuff.”

“Omg that is a story! True! Wow! I experienced a few things last year in some Scottish castles on my tour. I felt cold at times and faint in one room which surprised me. My coach driver was a priest however very spiritual and felt the same..Quite amazing if you are in tune to the spirit world.”

“That is lovely! You can tell you write well and view life in such a positive way, the only way.”

“Omg you have experienced stuff! That is amazing... I think I am at a bit of a transition in life, happy enough but I know there is great things to come.”

“I keep having to fight vagrants living in my stairwell”

“Are you like psychic or spiritual?”

“I have tarot cards - not used my abilities for awhile really but I've been like it since I was a child. I freaked my dad out a few times”

“Wow there is definitely something about alone space and time for self discovery. I always have done the most personal growth and change alone. Buddha sat under a tree, Jesus the wilderness. I'd love to go to macchu Peru it's meant to be amazing”

“I find I tend to prefer to be outside I can feel almost suffocated inside and feel like I have to get out. Particularly in crowds it can be intense with all the different energies. I've learned to shut it down more now but it took me along time to be able to do”

“I like your style. It's a breath of fresh air”


“I must say you are definitely intriguing”

“you have captured my attention in a nice way”

“very talented man. You seem too good to be true.”

“I love your art it's romantic, quite similar to Jack Valentino with couples etc..... You have your own style”

“You seem to have a really unique perspective on life. Maybe that helps you create such beautiful work.”

“Wow! You sound like a very determined person. “

“Pictures are amazing ,show me how to do that enhancement please,”

“some of your pictures on your profile paintings? They're so good I thought they had to be photographs that you'd worked on graphically. You're so talented !

“your work is fantastic, did you train anywhere ? “

“wow !! you're a good teacher “

“ i loved your pictures, what a talent...as for me, i have also broadcasted them on midlothian radio station black diamond fm but i should warn you that i have written about 70 of these stories but i wondered if you fancied having a go of painting how you think Penrose looks for the cover?”

“Wow - stunning collection of photographs. Are some of them paintings? I attended a 10 week photography course last year and am keen to try out my new found knowledge. Have always enjoyed taking them, just point and shoot, mostly capturing occasions and travel etc but now want them to be much more artistic. Where are you favourite locations outside Scotland?”

“You have such an interesting set of stories. And totally intrigued by your pictures - I'd love to know how they're done. “

“Hello David, If those are your pieces of art then you know how to draw sketch people, which isn't easy and some of those models are pretty girls...especially the brunette “

“Hi David. I love your photographs, especially those of Scotland. I have visited many of these places and love travelling in Scotland”

“really enjoyed reading your stories. Your photographs are amazing. I would love to be able to take photographs like that.”

“You're art is fabulous, I'm an artist too”

“You sound just like me. love art. I dabble in charcoal and love acrilics. .. my pictures start in my head and delelop into something else. jealous of you already .your portrairx are superb.. loving that. I am an estate agent self employed love architecture. never photograph within the box . my sights needs more. trying to enrol in a photography class to learn how to maximise my camera. I sound like a nerd. like reading when I have time.love nature . I have 2 swifts nests and nestlings. above my bedroom .love waking up to that. “

“That's impressive. ..you have a lovely gift. ..and looking at them you enjoy what your painting”

“Hi David I'm very impressed with your artwork. I'm very creative to having published my first e book last year with another planned. I love to paint and make things too.”

“ I love the unusual and the supernatural. I can stretch my imagination writing for children. You sound a very clever man. “

“ I feel you're not an average man...lol!! “
“You are very fortunate to have done so many different things in your life. Your photos /paintings are beautiful did you do these? the artistry is yours they are exetremly good “

“Your pictures are too good not to be shown anywhere else. One of my ambitions is to have an exhibition of my artwork one day.”

“That's a lot of pictures you've created. I love the one with the couple. She has a pink top and he has a beard. They're in a very loving embrace”

“I think they're stunning. I would buy them. They'd look beautiful in my home.”

“Are the people in your pictures real. I can feel the emotion from the loving couple. We're all wishing to experience that kind of love.”

“You're a very gifted man indeed. I paint from my imagination too. It's a fabulous way to express yourself. There's no limit to the imagination. “

“Your photography and paintings are amazing - I trust that you accomplished these and it's not the handiwork of the stray cats or dwarf rabbits”


“My family are from Harris on the Western Isles. I love it. As soon as I can see the island from the boat I feel a huge sense of calm and peace, almost as though I've been holding my breath the entire time between visits. There are few places that I've visited that can give me that feeling of utter peace and contentment. It's spiritual. So, when I do discover a place like that, I cherish it and want to absorb it, really absorb every sight, sound and smell.”

“Have you ever visited Iona? I spent a few days there a couple of years ago and felt cleansed and restored afterwards. All I did was walk, look and breath, and several times, just sat on the beach and cried, even though I had no idea why. I wasn't sad. Maybe I'm nuts.”

“what did you end up looking into? the sacred numbers and language used to influence our DNA (which I'd really like to know more about)? !”

“Thank you for another fascinating insight into our world”

“Oh that's so touching. I think it's because you have a very special soul that it revealed itself to you. What a special memory to have”

“Bloody hell! It's a miracle you survived. You must be more careful and tell someone where you're going! “

“You have the most wonderful soul that I've ever encountered “

“Wow. Breathtaking. Is it possible to be jealous of a painting?! “

“Did you attend Glasgow art school by any chance? Is that when you lived in the West end? “

“You're so gifted It makes me crave it even more! “

“I'm running out of superlatives as to how great I think you are!”

“i've nkt yet written my book but it's all in my head - Adventures at Ashgrove Avenue - a children's book based loosely on my idyllic childhood.”

“Your paintings really move me.
Ooh I love the intensity
so inspiring.”

“I can't even think what to say. you really do have me an emotional wreck. If that makes sense”

“You have many riches and are incredibly talented, funny, kind and clever. “

“aha .. well that's one way of looking at it ??
I like your positivity “


“I am aiming to write a screen play I am on scene 4 ....forever!! I do graphic art and photography too..like the bit about the ghosts. I also have an interest in psychology.... but not too deeply.”

“I also have pass links with the military and have worked for lawyers in London, long time ago “

“Oh I so agree about the illusion and what you see as reality is different from myself and others.”

“Sounds like we may be in the same universe or on the same wave length ;-)) I'll mark you out of 10! ??”

“ohhhh come on l need to know what happened you can't leave me like that:-O. !??????”

“so I understand that you wrote it based in a real experience”

“I will be hooked to you for your stories!????????”

“Because I am eager for life, for good people, for beautiful things and although I dont know about everything I know what l want and l fight to find it “

“screen writing is my passion at this moment in time, but I have too many distractions and a little blocked. So your piece inspired me and I start to get that good feeling about writing again”

“You know, I love the fact that we are at the stage of human evolution where science (quantum physics) and spirituality are merging... :) so exciting…”

“it's pretty intense stuff... I hope it's not melting your brain too much... :)
Hope you have means of raising your vibration, staying in the Light and feeling the joy... Best way to fight all this darkness!”

“Do you know about the Crystalline Grid?”

“Now that is absolutely wonderful. Beautiful but also a bit scary.”

“Oh my word you are so accomplished. what a remarkable life you have! heavens i'm just a normal person from The East Riding of Yorkshire living and working on the other (others may say wrong side) of the Pennines “

“You seem very modest...or shy!”

“They are all beautiful... I'm not creative and neither I understand art but I like beautiful things probably part of my Italian origins…”

“Brilliant.?? Far too many just exist without exploring what makes us what we are.??”

“The Human Condition? What does that mean or refer too?”

“so who's you inspiration... who do you rate”

“Do you write poetry?”

“you know how people love to have big canvas pics of their kids on the walls!? I think there would be a big call for that with your style of print...Your Scottish accent coming out there no doubt...lol “

“The faces look for real like a photo and the rest of the picture looks like a drawing...clever!! So do you take a photo and then do your magic?”

“Do u paint plein air?”


“Both my daughters are amazing portraiture artists. One of them is studying art at uni....the other one wished she had. I love art too. My pictures are more pieces of art rather than portrature or still art. So I really appreciate how good your art is.”

“That's a very altruistic reason - but really they are amazing.... love the emotion you capture - and rain in Scotland - how else can you paint Scotland?”

“What is synthesis of the Human Condition? What does that mean?”

“That sounds interesting - and the sort of books I would like. I'm currently reading Sapiens - about the history of human civilisation - fabulous - it deals with the progression of the human condition based on our ability to imagine. I am loving it. Have you read it? Can you recommend one of your books to read?”

“Love the portraits and the twisty turny water in the stream.
I've never seen art depicting romance, as you have it. Is this something that captivates you?”

“Lovely pictures.Are they yours, or are they computer generated????”

“Do they take a long time to do?”

“You've got a good eye for detail”

“I'm intrigued by you”

“i haven't smile in very long time. so thank you for making me smile. :) “

“I am a cabinet politician. You life sounds amazing btw”

“You have an interesting perspective. “

“I have a science background, so I'm not entirely sold on the DNA explanation, but I know that our brains are enormously under-utilised; and that - moreover - it is desirable for a brain to be selective in terms of what it chooses to perceive. “

“For a Scot you are unusually eloquent”

“I think you might be funny as well as quite good at painting David! “

“Wow! you've obviously got a great deal of taste and talent if you are personally responsible for the content of your photos.”

“Ha ha your funny. I need to meet you.”

“from someone so artistic you have really brightened up my day ou must be bringing out the best of me”

“Are you a comedian?”

“you are quite a good storyteller :) and Definitely a poet. “

“I can empathise with your experiences, just not many people articulate them these days. It's unusual :) “

“ you should be famous! “

“Wouldn't mind to read one of your books.. anyone you can suggest? Did you published all of your books? I can't believe you are doing so many thing... you're so talented!
I wish I was a bit artistic “

“Im impressed..Well done for possessing such a beautiful gift and using it too.”

“You have a gift and using it well, that I admire. What gives you the inspiration as I noticed they are different. Most artists tend to stick to a theme, you have'nt.”

“They pull me into the picture if you know what I mean. The eyes in the pictures are equisite, and you portray depth.”

“...i often write things down its almost a need to empty the thoughts from my head, little rhymes and poems mostly, nobody reads them just me. it was the emotion i could see in your painting, i wanted to look at it, each painting made me want to look at the next one”

“Wow your paintings are fantastic! I'm not too artistic myself. I like to admire creativity though. I love architecture too. I've visited Edinburgh and there's some amazing buildings. My grandad was Scottish, now don't ask me where from because I can never remember, but spent my youth holidaying in Scotland seeing relatives!! “
“hahahahahaaha .... I'm crying!! “


“really enjoying the craic and your fantastic paintings”

“love your artwork, you capture ladies souls beautifully??. What is your heritage? “

“but your models look pretty to begin with, so that helps. But you really are good”

“OMG your pictures are amazing!! Could you make me look that good?! LOL”

“I think you are 99 per cent already there ? “

“Who's the dude in the glasses?
Like your drawing of ?suilven & the croft.”

“How do you have time for everything? Do you lecture too?”

“You sound a very interesting person! Am not sure I could keep up with you!”

“I just wanted to say I love your pictures. Beautiful. I used. To work in the creative industries including fashion.”

“One of you photos reminds me of the artist jack vetriano”

“Well what a wonderful life you paint. In the office wishing I was outside”

“It's really impressive! You must be a professional artist!”

“Makes me think of Zola, La bete humane. What perspective, art or philosophy or psychology...??”

“you dabble productively. I like art and painting, never seem to get time to do any! Teaching rather consumes my time. Are you a journalist then”

“I absolutely love your art I dabble with drawing and watercolours. Really enjoy the likes of Edward Hopper and sculptures of Thomas Moore..... love it all.”

“Wow, very impressive indeed. How do you even leave the house, it looks so all consuming?”

“So do you make your living from your art - it's very good !”

“I think you have a very deep soul and it shows in your earthy paintings. “

“your pics are more interesting than most!”

“Ahh now I get what you are talking about
It is an original way of putting it “

“Don't dive off those cliffs again! Thank you so much for your words Tthey have put a spring in my step as I'm off to work.”

“Are those all your drawings? They're very meaningful and speak many words.”

“Your art is incredible!! I mess around and pretend to call myself an artist but your work is amazing!! Would love to meet you if you are ever in London”

“you make Scotland very intriguing, appealing and irresistible - that must be the writer in you.. :) “


“i can see that your a man of very good taste “

“What interests me the most now is all the spiritual work I do. I write spiritual channellings which address the information stored in our Akashic Records.”

“Wow like a meditation/pilgrimage. I was brought up as a Hindu, so I have a very deep spiritual side also. “

“Thank you for all of your writings, you have an amazing way with words. What are you lecturing in on your tour? “

“Hi David,
I've quite enjoyed reading about you're great adventures, I'm quite envious of you're fantastic lifestyle or, youre amazing travels. You must quite enjoy you're own company as I would find that quite lonely. “

“I think you're bit of a dare devil.. or craaazy! But it does sound amazing :) “

“You have a beautiful way with words and make these places sound amazing”

“that is beautiful I have tears rolling down my face”

“hi David, my english is not very well but I can try to understand!! Yours paintings are beautiful..congretulations! Have a nice day”

“Your pictures are beautiful I have to say, I apologise in advance if I keep admiring them, you must be inundated? “

“that was so beautiful. Your words were expressed more than adequately. This time you did bring tears to my eyes. In a good way. I was very touched”

“We are smart, that's why we choose to see the life in front of us and close our eyes to everyone's misunderstandings. Well I chose to live my life differently. At least I am I dividual and true to myself anyway”

“WOW! That is deep.... that is impressive! I know we are all in search of something more than just are every day existence - and however we want to define it - i think is that connection with our Creator - and you are right you can only do that without the material and superficial distractions of everyday life... I think you are on a inward journey and I think that's beautiful and awesome - I have been on mine for a long time .. and you know what having tried all kinds of Spiritual stuff to find that connection -- i finally feel i have found the real thing and only very recently too and boy does it feel good... And I do believe when you are in Nature - God's most beautiful and natural creation - I agree you will feel stuff and make the connection :) “

“ I don't swim - so if i were to dive off the cliffs at Durness - I'd be on a first class fight back to God :) “

“Wow - I'm not sure if this a real life experience you are writing about or one of your short stories... ? Either way my visual, auditory an even kinaesthetic senses have all come alive reading about the encounters therein... “

“I had to obviously google "midge" and "memento mori" to find out what their meaning :) and obviously had to google Loch Garten - it looks absolutely stunning and serene - so beautiful :) “

“Ok so are you trying to get me to fall in love with Scotland through your writings :) “


“Are they oil/acrylic ? I've been trying to figure it out. You're very talented. I've been wanting to improve on my art skills for years but not gotten round to it.”

“Cool, was this you hanging about the graveyard? I love this sort of thing. Are you hoping to be published?”

“Wow, well I'll need to hear more!!”

“You should have been an author I got really into that story better than the book I'm reading. You sound very interesting “

“you must be one of the few people who isn't tied to the mobile these days - good for you. I once went phone free for three weeks when I was in the Himalayas (not by choice). Was very liberating “

“David........wow.........your mind is incredible..u are very gifted...a carefree spirit who is a little lost ......maybe too gentle for this world”

“...what a beautiful story....captivating “

“Well as you know I like to photograph myself, I read a lot, as well in German and English, I work for a small bank here in Frankfurt. Our mother's company is in Ireland. I also Luke Runrig, a-ha, Clannad and soundtracks …”

“I can imagine sitting in front of a camp fire with you telling me ghost stories…”

“My Grandad always used to tell me ghost stories in the woods!!”

“Wow thats an experience !!!! Totally isolating from people and contact,
Sadly i know you can feel isolated while surrounded by people all the time.”

“Are you James Bond?”

“The last few years I have been interested in photography, living in such a lovely place means that I often take my camera for a walk and I always have it when I have been hiking. The best photos I have taken are mirror images of mountains in Lochs! I even impressed myself.”

“i've just been reading your story again very interesting to say the least your obviously a very clever person . “


“You have a very alternative and instinctive view point and its very refreshing to hear.
It does sound a bit dangerous where you live and some of your other experiences!! “

“your work is intense”

“ you pictures caught my eye....what have you done to get the unusual look”

“ you make me smile, my heart sing, and my body tingle “

“I was thinking about your story when I had a quiet moment:)
You spark my interest on so many levels, I feel blessed “

Gosh I could sell that work to my clients
I'm interior designer love the industry
Wow! They are impressive pictures! “
“like your sense of humour. Well either you are mental or you are very very funny. “

“my brother is a brilliant artist in London but also suffers from mental illness so we have to keep an eye on him. I write have a web site of real life/fantasy poetry do technical design & love my Canon.”

“What do you use oils or acrylics ? “

“The remind me in a weird sort of way to Vetriano, did you paint them from photos ? “

“You make me smile so much”

“Hi David, I loved your photos and your art work. I'm afraid I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I sometimes take a good photo. “

“You paint an eloquent and delightful picture! “

“I would gladly pay for you to stay so that you can entertain me with your wit! “

“Hi David, I have visited Scotland a couple of times and have enjoyed looking at your photographs.”

“That's very insightful and I totally agree with that statement. :) “

“Amazing ... we have a beautiful country and you have captured it so well “

“You re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place on earth!”

“What a lovely story to read.”

“They are superb. You capture everything so beautifully and makes you wish you were there. I'm always envious of those who have the eye and skill to capture the beauty.”

“And your photos? All very much my taste. Maybe one day I can see them? I trust you do display and sell? Not being kind, being honest. They are stunning! “

“ My daughter is a good artist but too lazy. Doesn't use her talents enough. She blames being a primary teacher she is too busy and tired! They are wonderful.”

“Some of your statements inspire me to hope for inner peace and to learn to love myself, as like many people who have been battered emotionally once or twice said events take their toll.”

"We absolutely loved your comments...not only did you debunk the whole thing rationally you made us laugh our heads off! "

the Cuillins are wonderful as well

“I get shudders only to talk about thoses place”

“Your story could have been the death of you.I might cover my face with a veil and hide away and wail forever.To think all of this happened and all i was doing was admiring your art.you are truly gifted.”

“ your words went right into my heart”


“if you are keen on roman archeology you should come in the South of France one day ..I'll show you around the best places..”

“Are the pictures on your site photographs or paintings? Did you take them? Do you use a special technique?”

“Wow. You are very in-depth. What kind of books do you write? As you photograph ghosts have you actually seen them or just set up cameras? You must be very interesting to talk to. You make me feel quite dull and shallow. What does studying the human condition entail? I'm intrigued by so much you do. “

“Goodness. You really do intrigue me. I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of our existence”

“Oh you do make me laugh!!! “

“Your photos are so cool whish I could do that you are a talented all rounder .”

“I wish I could paint your paintings are beautiful . I have always wanted to NGO on that tour of old Edinburgh down niddrie Street where their ghosts wandering about .. but never had the nerve to go . I like old buildings . So maybe you could class them as spooky . “

“Oh my goodness! A published author, photographer and painter! Wow! So you're very creative?! ;) “

“Haha you make me laugh! And I love laughing! I have to go to a very, very dull meeting soon and won't have access to wifi. “

“What a great place to be in life! I'm a very calm and patient person and try to be as relaxed as possible, although I don't always get the life/work balance quite right, lol! :) “

“I'm on a spiritual journey of self improvement and I'm striving to be where you are now, lol. Ultimately, I'm working towards that elusive transcendental state! :) “

“You have so many things going on at once I'm in awe, I thought I could juggle several things at once! Have you done everything that you want to do in life or do you still have more that you aspire to do/be? “
“OMG, how do you have time to even be considering The Human Condition? Could you give me a simplistic overview of what that's about? I love learning and psychology is my passion, so I'm intrigued to know what that's about :) “

“You must be very receptive to the spirit world then. Are you a medium by any chance?”

“I am tuned into to their channel or frequency vibration just like a radio receiver”

“My friend is a medium. It must be a bit disconcerting at times though! :) Do you work in the life coaching type area by any chance?”

“Fascinating and it's very possible if the same types of people with those interests are on board with each other. It almost reminds me of Bond!!”

“So there must be others besides yourself that are aware of this and need to counteract it from happening. Can anything prevent it?”

“Sounds like you have some work to do! Until your conversation with me I was ignorant of all this and how many people out there are like me... don't answer that. But it beggars belief that the average person is in the dark and this needs greater attention to be taken seriously.”

“Surely more fear is if subjugation takes place? Then who will be considered ignorant and accountable? Have you written articles regarding this?”

“Ha ha - you must be exhausted! So you work from home in some idyllic bohemian garret overlooking the highlands (probably proving my ignorance on Scottish geography) surrounding Edinburgh?”

“Well the Human condition is my daily preoccupation - and I write what appears as lighthearted fiction on the surface with layered deeper storylines beneath for those that want to look for them. So is your non-fiction philosophy? And should I have heard of you?”

“I love the fact that you are so creative as a retired English teacher I also write but only for my personal pleasure, mostly historical fiction.”

“I have lived abroad for most of my adult life and when I finally settled in Scotland I got involved in modern abstract Scottish art and began to collect a few paintings. My favourite is John Bellany who I knew as a child and I also love Peter Howson. They both depict aspects of my past with gritty realism. Too much information here. Sorry! Wish I could paint. I do envy you.”

“Good morning David, I'd be really like to know more about what you mean when you say that very little of what we are taught conventionally is actually true :) “

“ What book are you most proud of having written and why?:) “

“I understand how the education system could be used to manipulate our thinking, but why is it that at higher education level we are encouraged to question everything? Surely, this is counterproductive if the aim of education is purely to control us “

“I'd agree with that (especially in the Western world where people are overly conditioned to rely heavily on thoughts, and not trust their instincts enough!) “

“Funnily enough, people think I'm odd because I never watch the news, but for me, it never gives a true reflection of what is happening in the world (it's all negative and scaremongering) and it incites hatred instead of bringing people together!”

“Ok, I get it! Interesting! Where did your passion for this idea come from?”


“That's strange (not your inspiration source), but the fact that I have a poor memory generally yet one of the only poems that I remember from English literature was called "dulce et decorum est" (I hope I've remembered that correctly). I remember a line from it being about "such trifles as to where they left their rifles" which struck a chord with me as I have never understood why people glorify war and its horrors. I find that I have to be careful when I talk to some people as I am very anti-war in my beliefs. In my opinion, war only creates more problems rather than solving them because it's instigated by egotistical power freaks who are so far removed from the horrors of the reality of war! :) “

“Which is such a shame as it would be so easy to turn things around if people would only focus on loving and helping each other rather than the evil in the world! :( “

Morning David. Have you managed to catch any ghosts on camera recently? How are the portraits going? I'm interested to hear more about your work on the Human Condition. “

“I know what you mean as it's societal control that has both created, and made us differentiate between, days that we work and days of leisure time! In pre- industrialisation days everyday was a working day and pleasure was taken in doing a good job and in playing your part in the successful functioning of your family and community (collectivism) :) “

“You're the most wonderful person. You have awoken feelings within me I'd forgotten I had”

“Absolutely! I understand that humans can (and do create) their own reality through what filter they choose to process sensory information through (which is related to the topic I based my dissertation on at uni). So I'm fascinated to know how the 3% of our programme is being shut off, and how the other 97% can be accessed :) “

“Wow, now that is really interesting because (as you know I live in Stoke-on-Trent) and our water is not flourinated here. And this area had a 70% vote for Brexit (myself included) which was a direct rebellion against the big brother bullying campaign pre Brexit. People here are fed up of being told what is in their best interest by a bunch of public school educated control freaks who have no real interest in helping those who have been disadvantaged only by their postcode :) “

“That's a frightening thought, but you can see it starting to happen as so many kids are becoming completely addicted to their iPhones, tablets, games etc (one of my grandsons is an example of this unfortunately. If he has to stop playing his computer games he becomes angry and throws a complete tantrum -and he's eight!) “

“I read some articles by a neuroscientist Susan Greenfield (I think that was her name) who was talking about how technology was reshaping our brain and making us lose functions, scary! “

“It makes sense because the brain needs to be exercised but technology is making it lazy!”

“Selfies, now there is a bugbear of mine. Teenagers seem to spend all their time taking selfies and posting them on social media. They want to show everyone what a good time they are having but have no real interaction with anyone as doing it, bizarre! :) “

“That's right, I'm often saddened by how poor some kids' language skills are. We are breeding a generation who haven't even mastered the basics of everyday language and spelling yet they are been taught advanced subjects! :) “

“True. I love being challenged and questioning what assumptions are being made! “

“Can't see you ever being controlled .. you are to intelligent to see to let it happen”

“I've been reading up on the pineal gland and how it was once believed to be the size of a lemon in the ancient shamans, and how it contains rods and cones which emulate the ones in our eyes (fascinating). I think I need to start detoxing mine (any tips for best doing that?)”

“you continue to amaze me every day”

“I want to steal you away and keep you forever”


“I believe that people or situations come into your life for a reason, to help you learn life lessons. I'm just wondering what life lesson I need to learn from talking to you as you are so different from anyone else “

“Do you write under your own name David, or a pseudonym? I'm interested to read more so which of your books would you recommend as an easier introduction?”

“I enjoyed reading your story it was refreshing and straight.....I love your photography, and that you seize the day ....I too am an artist, I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly, this ironically inspires me to paint”

“Your paintings look wonderfully textured and tactile - if that’s an adjective you can use for a painting!”

“I live in Toronto, Canada. I was traveling to Scotland for sometime this summer. I wanted to do some investigating (my fathers roots). Ones I arrived to your beautiful country I was to busy traveling all over the countryside. What a beautiful country it is. I will definitely be returning I have a lot of ground to cover.
Love your photos.”