HOME - a description of services available - a text page with slide-show

ABOUT US / CONTACT - background information and telephone numbers - text page

GUIDE TO SITE - this outline

ART & STORY CARDS - £1.95 each


PAINTINGS FOR SALE - statement prints

ART GALLERY - around 300 original artistic images

ARTICLES - a text-only page of original work (20 articles)

ARTICLES GALLERY - short non-fiction pieces with illustrations and pictures (19 articles)

BOOK COVERS (FACTUAL) - front cover designs of non-fiction works

BOOK COVERS (FICTION) - front cover designs of fiction works

BROCHURE IMAGERY - pictures used in paper-based printed material

BUILDINGS (ABANDONED) - photographs of empty structures

COLOUR TINTING - showing monochrome images that have been
painted with colour

COMMENTS - customers, viewers, and reader’s comments

GRAPHIC DESIGN - examples of digital designs to give you ideas for your own

ILLUSTRATION - examples of hand-drawn works

LAYOUT STYLES - examples of page layouts to give you ideas for your own projects

LEAFLET STYLES - examples of leaflet designs to give you ideas for your own projects

MAPS - hand-drawn maps

MYSTERY PICTURES - spooky pictures taken over the years

PICTURES - a gallery of general pictures that are pleasing on the eye

PICTURE-STORIES - single pictures with a background story

POETRY - original poems

PORTRAITS - stylized faces of men and women

POSTCARDS - Printed postcards. These are free of charge. We can post them to you.

POSTER images

PRINT PRODUCTS - 28 galleries of various printed items.

PUBLICATIONS - a gallery of book covers

SCOTTISH LANDSCAPES - over 200 original landscape photographs

SHORT STORIES - 33 short stories - text only

SHORT STORY GALLERY - 106 short stories with pictures

SNAP HAPPY - off-the-cuff photos

TECHNICAL GUIDE - information on how to set up a file for printing

TRAVEL articles

WRITINGS BACKGROUND - background story to the written material

A HAUNTING EXPERIENCE - a 4000 word (15 minute read) ghost story

AFTERLIFE - 10 stories about the afterlife - text only

DECISION TIME - text story about a Smart Phone app - 3000 words - 20 to 30 minutes reading time

DESTINY BY DESIGN - this tragic/comedy/satire is updated each day

FADING - a social commentary, and darkly ironic, play

FATE - a 4500 word (15 minute read) romantic story about what could have been ...

HIGHLY RATED - the not too distant future

HOUSE - text and picture story about a house with a past. 148 pictures and 10,600 words. About 45 minutes reading time.

LAST RESORT - this mystery/thriller is updated each day

LUCY - text only story about a girl with an imaginary friend. 6130 words. 30 minutes reading.

MILLENIALS - non-fiction article - 2370 words - 15 to 20 minutes reading time.

MIND MAP - a story about Mind Control with 37 pictures and 1300 words. 20 minutes reading-time.

NEW FRIENDS - a gentle satire, set in rural France and Paris

SENTENCES - how to construct them

SOAP IN THE CITY - comedy/soap opera - updated daily

SOUL SEARCHING - a man on his own gets spooked. 1870 words and 73 pictures. 30 minutes reading-time

STRANGERS - thriller story - Two episodes each week

THE CELLAR - a haunted cellar. 3200 words. 71 pictures. 60 minutes reading-time

TWO LOST SOULS - a story of mystery and suspense

TIM - text only mystery story - 1730 words - 10 minutes reading time.

TUESDAY GIRL - text Science Fiction love story - 5040 words - 15 to 30 minutes reading time.

UNINVITED GUEST - thriller story - 21,000 words

WILSON - social commentary